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Be welcome in this house honored guest!

Please have a seat in the shade and a servant will bring fruit and cool wine or beer for you. If there is anything else you desire, simply ask and it shall be done.

For those guests who may not be familiar with our writing system, a servant will translate them for you. Simply point out the ones you are having difficulty with. (Put the cursor over the image)

No limit may be set to art, neither is there any craftsman that is fully master of his craft.

Heiroglyphs borrowed from Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt webpage. Click here to see the complete Instructions of Ptah-hotep, it's complete with both heiroglyphics and transliteration.

The measurement of time has changed over the centuries. To see what today's date would be under the ancient Kemet calendar, click the button below:

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Wyatt Earp
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UsermaatRa Ramesses

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