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Games Bronze Medal
Muse Bronze Medal
Achievement Bronze Medal


In the Grand Theft Auto: Hotwire Novel:

Nightclub singer and recording artist, Caroline de Rochefort is currently living in Los Angeles. Her family has wine operations in both France and the United States. She has been romantically linked with the recently divorced, Lt. Vincent Hanna of LAPD's Robbery / homicide division, but their careers are serving to drive them further apart.

In the Inglourious Basterds Novel:

Caroline de Rochefort is the eldest daughter of Comte Sebastien and Comtesse Francoise de Rochefort and sister to Jocelyn.

Midnight People Novel:

Caroline de Rochefort is a musician and recording artist in the Waking half of the novel and Princess Creiddyledd, Daughter of King Nuada. This character is named for Creiddylad, Creudylad/ Cordelia A Welsh Goddess connected to May Eve (Beltane). She is often called the May Queen. Goddess of summer flowers muic, dancing and love.

My Novels:

666 West End Avenue
The Midnight People
Grand Theft Auto: Hotwire - Out of Print
Inglourious Basterds = Out of Print
Writer's Muses
World Under Siege

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My Blog:

Caroline de Rochefort: The Faery Ring

My Salons:

Ca Giovanni
The Writers Guide to AE - Work Group
The Silver Circle

My Friends:

Fanny Fae
Comte Sebastien G de Rochefort
Amarante LeGarde
Jocelyn de Rochefort
Hsu Danmei
Sgt Hugo Stiglitz
Colonel Hans Landa
Augustine Chaubert
Vincent Hanna
Nereida Lozada
Tanja Ritzer
Jennifer Poachel
Andrea Hawthorn
Isabel Giovanni
Kerry AlKnight

My Favorites:

The Giovanni Chronicles - Out of Print

My Pandas:

Delicate handling of budding romance
Nov 15, 2012 08:35 am
Sensational and sexual
Feb 16, 2012 08:18 am
Beautifully Written Tragedy
Jan 26, 2012 10:17 am

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