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Half-human, half Kimi'Marisian = 100% trouble.

My pillows are soaked with tears. I haven't stopped crying since she...

I can't even say it. Somehow the reality of it hasn't sunk in yet.

I've been locked up in my room since I learned about it crying my eyes out. My mother Linnis tried many times to come in and comfort me. I can't let her do that. If I let her do that, it would mean that she really is...

She was my hero. She would always make sure that mother Linnis wouldn't be too hard on me. I always loved it when they were discussing how to raise me when I'm in front of them. My mother Akila would tell her to cut me some slack and it would go on for hours. I loved watching them do that. I always felt loved and that nothing could hurt me.

She could be scary too, my mother Akila. She started the trend of calling me by my full name. No matter how frustrated or angry I was, they would weaken my knees, make me turn around and I would do anything just to keep her from saying it again.

"Leona Yvaine Lothian-D'Trel! Apologize to your mother Linnis, now." And she would say it in her normal voice except with a firm tone. I would do anything she'd say after calling me that.

Now I would never be able to hear her say it again.

This morning at breakfast, my aunt Xanthie delivered the bad news. I just couldn't believe it. She wasn't there anymore.

I could hear my mother Linnis outside my doorstep crying too. There was nothing to be heard in our home but us sobbing and crying.

I opened the door. Our blue eyes met, she stood up and gave me a hug. Somehow it comforted me as it did her.

"I'll bring her back. No matter what, I'll bring her back. No one breaks up our family, not even death."

And with that, I left my mother's arms, got on one of our flitters and headed towards aunt Xanthie's place. I needed to go back in time to fix things. I will not have my mother die and knowing my aunt, she'd help me.

It didn't take very long to convince my aunt to let me go back, she helped me and though I knew that I may never come back as me, I still stepped into that time-machine without hesitation.

After what seemed like ages, I opened my eyes to be inside a medical lab of some sort and even with a blade of the my mother's Katana inches away from my neck, I couldn't help but smile.

"You're alive!"

I looked at her closely and it was weird. She didn't seem to recognize me at all. As I looked over my mother's shoulder I saw the date and after that, everything went black.

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