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Hi everyone! I'm Ariana, but my friends call me Ari. You can too if you want. I'm a sixth year Ravenclaw at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. I'm a prefect and I used to be a chaser on the qudditch house team, but for reasons, I'm no longer. I was born to a father who is a pure blood and a mother who was muggle born. I'm an only child but I'm really close to my cousin, Jeron. He's a year older than me and goes to a Wizarding school in Australia. My best friend at Hogwarts is Emma Crusher. She and our friend Kody are dating. I'm dating Kody's best friend, Drake. I really care about him, even though lately I've been pushing him away. I'm not doing so well healthwise, turns out I have Leukemia...tests are still being run but they think it's Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. I'm pretty scared and have to take a couple different kinds of potions every day, but I'm managing. My parents wanted to bring me home, but I told them no. Just because I'm sick doesn't mean I want to miss out on school. So far...I've only told Emma. I know I need to tell Drake, I just haven't figured out how yet...

M 9-10:30 AM Herbology, F 9-10:30 AM Potions M 10:30-12 PM History of Magic, T 10:30-12 PM Care of Magical Creatures, TH 10:30-12 PM Ancient Runes, F 10:30-12 PM Defense Against the Dark Arts F 12:30-2 PM Charms F 2-3:30 PM Transfiguration TH midnight Astronomy BR>

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