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Journee Ann McCartney

Born spring of 1757

Journee was born in England, but moved to Williamsburg with her father and brother when she was seven years old. Her mother passed on when she was 5. Being raised by just her father and brother, Journee isn't quite as lady-like as one would expect, and she has excellent aim.

Her father is a very well known, wealthy loyailst. He's fighting to keep his beloved England in control of the colonies. Whereas, her brother, Matthew, is a diehard patriot. He finally left home to fight for freedom in the 13 colonies. Journee finds it frustrating to have a Loyalist father and a Patriot brother, because she wants to be loyal to both of them. She doesn't hate the king, but she thinks it's time he let America grow up.

Journee has been left alone to keep their plantation running smoothly. She rarely hears from her brother, but feels so much more relieved when she does. Her father stops in occasionally, and they usually end up arguing, because he's practically disowned Matthew. She'll lend a hand to any soldier passing through, either side. Journee just wants the fight to be settled and her family together again. She knows there will always be war, it's understandable. War is a darkness, and darkness is in everyone. It's the war within her family that is so devisting.

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