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~Jez for Prez~

Citizens of New America, we have walked as a people through the darkest days of the old nation of the United States of America, and been reborn as a brand new nation. The past is past, and the future lies before us, brimming with potential.

~Jez Fresh: Visionary~

My name is Jezebel Fresh, and I have a vision. I see New America rebuilding itself as a nation where liberty is second only to prosperity. A nation that will serve as a beacon in a benighted America, that will eventually lead not only the continent, but the world in human rights, in economic liberalism, in architecture and sustainability.

~Jez Fresh - The Right Choice~

We are walking in uncharted territory and shouldering the responsibility of building a brand new nation on the ashes of the old. New America needs more than a firm hand to guide it through these troubled times; New America needs more than just a vision. New America, my friends, needs the leadership of the younger generation, a President who will listen to the voices of all the people, who can relate to the lives of every citizen and build the foundations of a firm future for their children.

A vote for Jez Fresh is a vote for the future.

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October 2008
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July 2008

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