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Luke Aristophanes is... well... difficult to explain, because he's not just Luke Aristophanes: he's also Skip Aristophanes, but... Okay, let's back up here a bit.

Skip (a member here at PanHistoria) had been sent on a quest that resulted in his being murdered at the hands of a village thug who styled himself a local "king".. except we now know that the murderer was Inanna, an ancient Babylonian goddess of physical love and warfare, who set up Skip's visions and took the form of a man as a way of getting Skip to come to her as her consort until she tired of him. Skip's spirit was then sent on a walkabout in the Wastelands of the Afterlife, where he was brought to a door that, when he passed through, would allow him to see his death (thus showing him death's inevitability in a somewhat sadistic way). But walking through the door, Skip realized he suddenly still had a corporeal body and, even more amazingly, was in a position to stop his own murder -- and did so.

So he was still alive, but this left one small problem: two Skips, where there had only been one.

Back in Daedalidai, Skip's (and Skip 2's) return to home was met with no small confusion by his lifemate Xeo, but for a while all three lived happily under one roof. Skip 2 had now taken the name Lucillus, after an ancient Greek warrior who was allowed by the gods to live long past receiving a mortal wound by a Persian enemy, but he goes by the short form Luke when amoung friends. And in the short time since his and Skip's return, he's started developing his own unique personality, one somewhat quieter and less headstrong, but just as passionate and aggressive.

Like Skip and Xeo, Luke is a pankrationist, and now, with the two of them, he runs a series of gymnasia across all of Attica. He's started a relationship one apparently long destined by the gods with a fisherman named Davo of Tyre.

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Feb 01, 2014 06:50 am

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