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Welcome to my home, *S*

The moniker Office Glen comes from a beer ad that aired during the playoffs a few years back. Bascially the senario is a Canadian in a bar in the U.S. Upon discovering that this dude is a Canuck, some chick insists thathe must know Glen, from Canada, he works in an office...

The response is along the lines of "Oh Yeah! Office Glen...He's dead!"

Having frequently been asked if I know so and so from, say Calgary, I could relate to this particular ad as I am sure many would. Wouldn't you just love to respond with "Oh yeah, he died!", the next time someone aks you if you know some guy from, like, three thousand miles away?

There is an Official Office Glen's I Hate the Leafs page. Needless to say as a diehard leafs fan, that page has nothing to do with me, but I believe it was the source of my nifty avatar.

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