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Panathenaic Games Medal
Bronze in Sack Race

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Silver shines in the threads of my mane and my silken forelock hangs in whisps about my large dark luminous eyes. Those eyes which grace the sides of my finely chisled head miss nothing. They catch the slightest movement of leaf or blade of grass.
I raise my small delicate muzzle and my nostrils flare. They catch a strange scent and I am away. My long legs stretch out and I race along the ground, my steps so light it is as if I fly. I move with the swiftness of the wind. I am born of the wind. I am Epona, goddess of the wind.

Horses were sacred to the Goddesses. They were linked to the night, the moon, mystery, and magick. Nightmares, a name which is derived from that of the female horse, were thought by the Celts to be brought by a visiting horse Goddess such as Epona or Mare. In most Celtic myths the horses are black or white.


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The Tenth Muse
Book of Ages
The Symposia
Stargazer's Menhir
Southern Cross
Mystery School
Writer's Block

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