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The Pan Historian is the quarterly newspaper of the site, and is written, compiled and presented by the staff and members of Pan themselves. Its aim is to serve the membership through community-driven contributions covering a wide range of themes and topics, and within each edition you'll find informative articles, fun columns and interviews with Pan people.

Contributions from all members of Panhistoria are very warmly welcomed, whether you just have a single article, or whether you would like to contribute with a regular column or as an interviewer. If you are interested in becoming a freelance writer or volunteer, please contact Clio in the first instance.

Who is the Pan Historian Editor?

At the moment, the "Pan Historian Editor" is a team of two official permanent editors, each with specific but broad functions and sharing overall responsibility for putting the paper together. You may contact the individual editors directly.

Captain StarCastle

  • Scheduling
  • Deadline management
  • Task co-ordination
  • Writing
  • Graphic Layout
  • Article acceptance
  • Editing and critiquing
  • Writing-related tasks
  • Freelance contact

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Current Edition

January 2016: FanFiction Edition!
"...The Flight of Imagination!"

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