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My name is Oreileah McCoi, and I am currently attending classes at St. Emry’s. I am a Hogwarts Alumnus, and formerly of Gryffindor House. I originally moved to London from San Francisco, when in time with my Father’s transfer to a London base for the communications company he runs, an acceptance letter to Hogwarts arrived. My mother is still a housewife and both are looking forward to their forthcoming grandchild.

I am married to Jim Raynor, a fellow Hogwarts Alumni. He is currently starting his Healer training at St. Emry’s and we welcomed our daughter Meagan Amara to the world on 1 July 2005. I am also employeed as a Lingiuistics specialist at the Ministry of Magic, I aid the Magical Law enforcement department with translations of various things including documentation that is brought in front of the court.

Life in Wizarding Britain has become more bearable now that Minister Smythe-Jones is no longer in power. Though the devestation that has been caused by her actions will have lingering effects from those who were in the various ‘camps’ and those that were hunted down by the RAC and those who were forced in to exile to ensure that their families were safe. Those of mixed heritage in the Wizarding world are slowly recovering, and rebuilding their lives.

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