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Click below for Frédéric and Giselle's story in L'Affaire.

L'Affaire du Second Empire

Frédéric Jérôme Théodore Fantin-Latour was born in Grenoble in 1840 into an artistically inclined family. His father, Théodore Fantin-Latour, was a portrait painter of some distinction. He was one of four siblings competing from an early age for the attention of their preoccupied parents. Henri, the eldest, having a headstart of four years on Frédéric, became an accomplished artist while still in his teens. His elder sister, Marie, briefly followed a musical career, before settling for marriage. His younger sister, Adèle, just thirteen, has set her heart on becoming an actress.

It is only Frédéric who, among his siblings, seems undecided as to his destiny. He paints with mediocrity, and has no musical talent to speak of. Henri, aged only 26, is already earning himself financial security with his talent, fast becoming one of Paris’ most popular young artists. Frédéric lacks his brother’s natural aptitude, and must work twice as hard for a fraction of the reward. However, Frédéric’s jealousy of his brother drives his will to surpass Henri in his profession.

Currently, Frédéric can barely afford to pay the rent on the small studio where he lives and works. He struggles to improve his skills, but finds it difficult to find subjects for his artworks, as there are few willing to pay an artist of inferior skill to paint their likeness. He is mocked by acquaintances in artistic circles, particularly Henri and his friends, for being so determined to continue in a profession for which he has no capacity. He is determined to prove them wrong, however, and believes that he only needs the right subject to help him succeed.

Background from Eos Development.

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