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Rory MacCallum is a descendant, many generations removed, of Ruairi ui Diathi, a Scotti nobleman during the early settlement days in Lorne, Argyllshire, Scotland. He is also a decendant of Ruaridh Kilmartin, a laird serving under Alexander III of Scotland, in the thirteenth century. However, in colonial Maine, Rory's life is fairly hand-to-mouth, and no one is concerned with a glorious, or even inglorious, past.

"All I could see from where I stood
was three long mountains and a wood
I turned and looked the other way
and saw three islands in a bay"
~ Edna St. Vincent Millay ~

My character and the local NPCs are described on my Profile Page, and some historical background is being (re)-written up on my Study Page.

I will be writing in Narratives of Early America: And You Were There, at Zone: History.

Graphics: Pemaquid Point, Maine. Photo taken by me.

The triad of me's:

Ruairi ui Diathi - At World's End, the formative days of what would become Scotland.

Ruaridh Kilmartin - Short Cuts, story plan in development, but it revolves around an alternative history involving Alexander III of Scotland.

Rory MacCallum - Zone: History: Narratives of Early America. Scots-Irish descendant of immigrants to Maine during the Revolutionary War.

Somehow, I manage to look like the same dyseptic callow youth in all the time periods I appear in. It's in the genes -- we're all related over time.

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Zone : History
Early American Narratives

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Black and Blue

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