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~~~Elgon Agis is responsible for creating my avatar, as well as my background design. Pretty awesome, I think. Yep, he definitely captured my saucy, know-it-all attitude.

In the Pan Historia Junction Novel:

My name is Blaze Wainwright Starrfiere. Captain Blaze Starrfiere, that is. Diplomatic Courier and free lance, my shp carries both cargo and people, as well as special dispatches for the U.C.

I was born in freefall on a starship between father's diplomatic postings. So what does that make me--a 'child of the universe'? My father named me Blaze because there was a small blaze near the room in which I was born. Mother smiles fondly as she recalls that the name just seemed to fit, though she's never said why. *just had a sudden horrible thought; what if my father had decided to name me 'FreeFall'?.

I was born Blaze Wainwright, but when my late husband died, I decided to keep his last name, Starrfiere, simply because it seemed to go so well with my first name and it was just easier. While I could have taken my maiden name back, I thought this name had so much more individuality and just seemed to fit me perfectly. Yeah, you wanna make something of it?

My hair--silvery white cut in a gamine style people have told me that I have a piquant face; my dad used to call me 'pixie girl' when I was a small child. Eyes--green, sometimes changes color according to mood or what I wear I am 5'7"; slender but curvy.

My father, Matthew Latimer Wainwright, deceased, was also a member of the diplomatic corps, with much the same problem, a smart mouth, though he managed to make it to being a member of the staff, a diplomatic attache, meaning we ended up traveling for much of my youth. I've heard two theories regarding my father's is that he died in an accident and the other is one which was recently told to me by my mother, which is that he was killed because his mouth got him in trouble with the wrong person.. I choose to believe that the truth probably is somewhere in between.

My mother--what can I say about my mother. A very special person, unique, a bit eccentric and yet a very caring compassionate person. We cannot be in the same place for very long, without getting on each other's nerves and yet we both know that we love each other and would never knowingly hurt each other. Phee says it is because we are too much alike and though I hate to hear that, I fear she may be right. Aethyria Tobias, who kept her maiden name, is known as simply as "Aethryia" and already has her own bio up as an NPC character. Aethryia is quite a character, vibrant and larger than life. She is a free spirt who grabs at life with gusto. Now in that particular instance, I wouldn't mind being like her.

Other Close Family --Grandmother, Storm Makenzie Tobias, of the MaKenzies, whose family have been on Sandakh for ever, and have had fingers in just about every pie imaginable. Still do, I suppose. She is still living, vibrant at what seems an outrageous age to me, but then my own mother seems ancient to me, even though she can run circles around me. Storm's husband, Eliot Royce Tobias, of the Sandakh Tobiases, is deceased. Grandmama is involved with something to do with government on Sandakh, though she has never quite told what it is that she does. Sometimes it is better not knowing too much.

Marriages: Once, husband deceased; Ouch, that sounds so cold. When I married, it was to a man called Jeremiel Starrfiere, Lt. Colonel Starrfiere, if you please. He was military and very controlling. He was killed in military action. Do I miss him? *sigh*. No way, for we fought like cats and dogs, and now I can finally breathe again.

Past lovers; there have been a few, though that is no one's business but my own. I went through a wild period after my late husband's death. I got involved with a rock star, who managed to not only fool me once but twice. He was a charmer, no doubt about it; had me believing every word. He stood me up at the altar twice. After that, I finally figured out that he was only using me. Still he was so cocky he thought he could just ride right back into my life and sweep me off my feet again, by showing up uninvited (okay, so his friends were invited, so technically he was invited; but he was definitely not welcome)at a private party. Because he kept harasssing me, I decked him good, though, and hopefully that is the last I will ever see of him. One can only hope.

My best friends and fellow crew members, Lyr and Phee, are more like sisters than just friends. Certainly, we all know that we have each other's backs.

Once I had gotten a decent ship, with all the bells and whistles, with mother's help, of course, (I hate depending on her so much but sometimes one has to forget pride) I got back in touch with Lyr and Phee to help me crew it and once they arrived, we went through the diplomatic and legal hoops to gain our current diplomatic status. We were subjected to several intensive interviews, had so many background checks that our heads were spinning, amazingly our backgrounds checks came back squeaky clean. Of course, we did have both grandmother and mother to vouch for us. It seems that grandmother Storm has connections within connections. it always suprises me the people she knows. Not only that, our ship, the Kismet, was put through rigorous detailed check by security personnel and even now is subject to a yearly check to ensure it meets the stringent requirements required of a diplomatic courier ship. Of course, there were permits to get and certain additions that needed to be made to bring it up to both their stringent standards as well as mother's and mine, once I knew that there were certain upgrades that were available to me as diplomatic courier.

Schooling --graduated highest in my class at university, went on to get doctorate in diplomacy as well as archaeology; I went to school on Sandakh, and lived with my grandmother. Father had died by then, so mother was there as well. It was in college that Phee, Lyr and I all met. College room mates, now there was an experience, let me tell you, but we never lost touch.

Attitude--I have been told that I can be a bit standoffish; I know that I definitely have a 'tude. What's wrong with that, I ask? I definitely consider myrself a 'free spirit', an attitude I get from my mother, who is very much the epitome of the 'free spirit', which is why several failed marriages all ended in divorce except for the one to my father. Now she flits from one handsome young man to another, who all seem to adore her.

My ship, The "Kismet"

I am a courier with the diplomatic corps; though I have the qualifications, education, and experience to further my career, I prefer to keep it loosely structured and part time and thankfully I have high enough security clearance to pick und choose my courier jobs. Which is just as well, since with my bad habit of mouthing off, it is wiser to have some space between me and my superiors.

Still, I am a damned good courier and the necessary traveling that the job entails does seem to be a perfect fit for me as well as for Phee and Lyr. If you ask, we would all agree that this is our dream job. It is prestigious and gives me enough clout to ask more when I get other free lance contracts. That is where my real payday comes in. Of course, sometimes jobs are risky, but for the most part, they are just simple jobs, carrying packages and freight from one colony and planet to another. I have a regular route, as well as handling free lance cargo from time to time, that for the most part is between Mizar, the Castellis and N'Tari, though I'm not averse to taking on jobs elsewhere. Occasionally, if the price is right, we will take on passengers: passengers, that is, aside from any diplomatic passengers that I choose to take on. But, my standards are high and I will not take on just anyone. The occasional oddball does slip through, from time to time, but that just makes life more interesting; besides, I trust that Phee, my second-in-command, who is also Head of Security, can take care of it. Well, actually, she is the only Security but don't let that fool you. She can take you down in two seconds flat.


Infinite Worlds: The Realms of Speculative Fiction

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Infinite Worlds: The Realms of Speculative Fiction

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