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Come In, Come In....Sit by my fireside, while I spin you a tale that will make your hair stand on end.

No, no,...don't mind Lightning there; she looks like that all the time. Got too close to me one time when I drew down the lightning from the sky."

Who am I? You may well ask, for many have asked that same question, but the truth is, I have had many names,lived many lifetimes, reinvented myself dozens of times over, to survive so that I might once again deepen my studies. Into what?

*shakes a dainty finger at guest* 'oh, but that you may not ask. I am a seeker, one who hungers for knowledge, and so much more. I know there are some who think that I was born in the mists of time, so old am I, but I let them think what they will. Legends have sprung up about me, yet I let bygones be bygones as I abide here in the shadows. Born in the mists of time..Hmm, that is a good one to add to my mystique."

Za'ara's silvery laughter echoes about the cozy hall, as she offers her guest yet another drink so that his tongue may speak truth. Her eyes gleam in the firelight, like the rarest jewels, and at first his tongue seems tied, then as it loosens and he tells of what he should not, he can only wonder what had befallen him, and yet, he does not try to break free, for, with each honeyed tone, each slight caress, she binds him ever more strongly to her.



za\'ara may explode without warning

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What Queen are you? (Beautiful Pics)

You are the witch queen! You are devious, mischeivous, and highly deceptive. You know how to get what you want by tricking and manipulating others. You are a natural prankster. However, you also possess a keen intelligence and perceptiveness that many lack. You use this to your advantage whenever you can. You are also an enchantress who is capable of doing great magic. Of course you wield this all to your favor. You are the trickster!

Possible Name: Nina Element: Air Color: Orange
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