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Charlotte Coltere (Jnr) is the direct descendant of the Charlotte Coltere who disappeared several generations earlier with a piece of technology so dangerous it's become the stuff of treasure hunters and legend.

The firstborn daughters of this line have all kept the name Charlotte, for a very specific purpose: they keep to family tradition and act as decoys for people seeking that fabled technology. For those technology hunters, the name Charlotte Coltere is like a flame for a moth. Especially the part where the wings get burned off. She's handy with anything sharp, as well as her fists, and has a penchant for spelunking with a group and coming back alone.

Charlotte is part of a network of people keeping the technology hidden and safe.

She's also a geologist by trade, taking contract work on various planets to explore for minerals. It's a lifestyle that suits her other occupation, since it means she moves around a lot and helps to confuse any would-be pursuers as to what exactly she might really be doing in any given place.

Poor little rich girl?

Yeah right. I try not to be. I do my damnedest, in fact, to make a difference. It's kinda frustrating being able to see the planet going to utter shit around you, wanting to do something about it, when your father is Kell Bhaird Coltere, the richest corporate environmental vandal in the hemisphere.

Okay. So I didn't help matters much by getting tangled up in the baddest eco-terrorist organisation around, the Militant Alliance of Green Anarchists. How was I to know? They hunted me down, convinced me I could make a difference and then tried to kill me. A lot. Yeah, well, I know now, don't I? And I may not like being a fucking Coltere, but I'll goddamn make it work for me. I'm going to bring MAGA to its knees, whether Daddy dearest and my "new best friend," his pet detective, plan on letting me out of the house or not.

Why? Yes because MAGA are trying to kill me. Yes because they've seriously pissed me off. But mostly because if they tell Kell what I did while working for them, I'm so busted...

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...a little daylight... Out of Print
Interstellar Geographic
Amore Mortale - Out of Print

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Kell Bhaird Coltere
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Well-written and interesting
Jan 07, 2014 06:42 am
Well-written and interesting
Dec 17, 2013 07:07 am

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