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Welcoming everyone back!!

Backfill, since the old info is toast at the bottom of the seas after that Hurricane last May: Vidonia followed her father to sea at the tender age of 11, dressed as a boy. She (and her father, when he rapidly saw that the girl he'd always wished was a boy was as hardy as one) kept her gender secret for as many years as they could. Her father was a Portugeuse merchantman captain. Eventually, at age twenty, she was married to a Spanish galleon captain, who had decidedly different ideas about a women aboards ship. She chafed at this, and while she didn't hate the man, she was growing to detest her life. Finally, a portion of the Spanish fleet was called upon to do salvage operations on gold and other treasures off the coast of Florida -- the old Henry Jennings and John Wills scenario, who turned pirate or at least privateer in the temptation of all this wealth. In the ensuing battle, Vidonia was flung off the galleon during a surprise pirate attack on their vessels (below water line, no less), and without thought helped save the life of Captain Storm of the Circe, whom she assumed was a fellow victim. Swimming, half dead, she was pulled from the seas and given the Choice.

After some thought, and yes, some hesitation, she became a Pirate.

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