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Full Name -- Amelie Morana Aella Arawn

Meaning of Name -- Amelie-work Morana-death in Slavic/Goddess of winter and death Aella-whirlwind Arawn- Name of the God in the underworld

Nickname -- Ana

Birth Date --December 15

Birth Place --Unknown

Age --26

Race -- Irish and Scottish decent

Hair Color -- Black

Hair Style -- Long curly

Eye Color -- clear blue

Skin Tone -- pale, fair

Any Scars or Distinguishing Marks -- Small scar on inside right thigh

Build or Body Type -- petite

Height -- 5'3

Weight -- 120lbs

Family and Childhood

Mother -- Malie-Missing

Father -- Kavi

Family Finances -- lower-middle class

Brothers -- Kevin (13) Emin (10)

Sisters -- None

Birth Order -- Amelie, Kevin, Emin

Other Close Family -- None

Best Friend -- Ember, Shannon

Other Friends -- None

Pets -- None

Home Life During Childhood

Popular or Loner -- Loner

Important Experiences or Events -- Death of her mother

Health Problems -- Few and far between

Religion -- Atheist

Your Character's Character

Bad Habits -- Speaks to quickly, over thinks problems

Strong Points -- Honest, Intelligent

Temperament -- Bad

Attitude -- realistic

Weakness -- Family

Fears -- Losing all her family

Secrets -- Slept with her best friends brother

Regrets -- See above

Feels Vulnerability When --

Pet Peeves -- Rudeness

Conflicts -- Anyone who gets in her way

Motivation -- Family

Sexuality -- Straight

Exercise Routine -- Dancer

Day or Night Person -- Night

Introvert or Extrovert -- Extrovet

Optimist or Pessimist -- Pessimist

Likes and Styles

Music -- All kinds

Books -- Doesn't read much

Foods -- Spicy

Drinks -- Wine

Animals -- Dogs

Sports -- None at all

Color -- Black and red

Clothing -- Long skirt, tight shirt

Jewelry -- Bangles and her mothers necklace

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now

Home -- Wherever her family is

Favorite Possession -- Mother's necklace

Married Before -- No

Children -- None-sees siblings as her children

Relationship with Family -- Very Close

Best Friend -- Shannon and Ember

Other Friends -- None

Career -- Anything that makes her money

Hobbies -- Dancing

Talents -- Performing

Finances -- Barely making ends meet

Health Problems -- None





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