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I am Fimbrethil Entwife, spouse to my beloved Fangorn Treebeard.

I am one of the Eldest of Middle-Earth.

During the First Age, I dwelt in harmony in the Forests, with my Ent-Husband, and with all others. We raised up many a fine young Enting. But, gradually, my eyes turned to the world beyond the Anduin.

To garden is a fine thing. We Entwives wanted to cultivate, and share our skills with orchards and bushes and trees. The Ents did not desire this. Eventually, we set forth gardens across the river, tamed, cultivated, yet sacred to our souls.

With the coming of the Second Age, we saw our Ent-Husbands less and less. Seldom would we cross the river back to visit with them, and more seldom still would they make the journey to visit us. We sent the last of the male Entings back to the Forest halfway through the Second Age, and, keeping our own council, lost all contact with the Ent-Husbands. For our desires and our needs had grown too dissimilar.

At the end of the Second Age, our main orchards and agricultural fields were destroyed in the warfare that wracked this era. Did we die out as well? Were we lost for good? Tis true that at the end of the Third Age, not an Ent, nor an Elf, nor a Wizard, can speak to where we have gone.

graphics courtesy of my ent-husband, Treebeard
text, html and css by my lonesome
virtual music by John Ent-whistle (use your imagination)
inspiration for all of this by JRR Tolkien, whose heirs own sole right to my character whom I hope I re-create with taste, sympathy and fashion.

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