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From the time Zabrynna was ten until she was fifteen, she attended Durmstrang Institute. Her parents (Margretta and Nolan), who both attended Hogwarts, decided even before Zabrynna was born that any children they had would attend Durmstrang with its superior approach on the blood lineages of its students.

With the changes brought to Britain thanks to Minister for Magic Euphemia Smythe-Jones, the Ravensdales are proud of how Great Britain is shaping up. They applaud the changes at Hogwarts and are so in favor of them that they've arranged for Zabrynna to attend beginning in September 2002.

At the end of term, fifth year Zabrynna did something she shouldn't. Still early in summer holiday she was found out. That combined with a return to the old regime at Hogwarts had Zabrynna's continued enrollment there in question. She was sent to summer school in Mexico City at her half-sister Mariposa's alma mater, La Escuela de la Esperanza de Artes M�gicas. While in Mexico City, Zabrynna also met with a psychologist, Teresa Mu�oz.

Zabrynna isn't sure why exactly but, despite what she'd done at end of term, both the school and her parents have agreed to let her return to Hogwarts for 6th year. Even more surprising is that Zabrynna is still allowed to take History of Magic, her favorite class.

The 2003-2004 school year at Hogwarts was somewhat rocky, made the worse because of Zabrynna's conviction that her parents and those professors who know what she did hate her. She still has deep feelings for Declan Douglass, still loves him, but toes the line and says what everyone wants to hear, that she knows it was just a crush and nothing more. Zabrynna truly is sorry for her rash deed and will forever regret it.

Now reconciled with her father, Zabrynna lives with him, attends St. Emrys University, and works part-time for AJ Hodfuffer as an archivist, researcher, and fact checker. Her sister lives with AJ in Hogsmeade and also attends St. Emrys. Margretta has divorced Nolan and no longer considers herself Zabrynna's mother.

With the assistance of a therapist and the support of her sister and father, Zabrynna is finally beginning to accept that Margretta's standards were far too lofty to ever be met. Though she has confessed to good friend Philippa about using a love potion on an older man she has not revealed who the object of her affection was, nor has Zabrynna revealed to Philippa that he still is. Mariposa knows Zabrynna is not over Declan but hopes she is moving on, and thinks that the deepening friendship that has blossomed between Indigo McFusty and Zabrynna since Anne's elopement with another man the very day following Anne's first, and last, date with Indigo.

Zabrynna and Declan are now a couple, living together with two cats and Declan's charge Rand Prinsloo, a second year at Hogwarts. Beginning the 2010-2011 school year, Zabrynna is the Hogwarts lower years History of Magic professor.


1st years:
CLASS ONE: Joe Brecknock (H), Tyler Casey (G), Clarence DeMarco (H), Dolly Gumble (H), Tristan Hanham-Price (G), Alexander Lancaster (H), Becky Langford (H), Cecily McCallister (G), Elmer McCourt (G), Emmie Reade (H), Artie Weasley (G), Miranda Weasley (G), unnamed students
CLASS TWO: Chloe Campbell (R), Franklin Ellis (R), Amethyst Hodfuffer (S), Douglas Hyland (R), Lubert Lovejoy (R), Ruth Lynam (R), Allison McReady (S), Alectrona Nintwinty-Flister (R), David Peakes (S), Wallace Rex (S), Sophia Stratford (S), Cecilia Youngblood (S), unnamed students

2nd years:
CLASS ONE: Alfred Acker (H), James Eternal-Black (G), Agnes Frink (G), Dolph Hibbert (H), Claire Hillier (H), Danielle Hodfuffer (H), Ilsa Ludlow (G), Gareth Martini-Blackwell (G), Schuyler Weasley (G), Sanjay Ziff (H), unnamed students
CLASS TWO: Jordan Blackthorn (R), Bernice Burns (R), Krasimira Eternal-Black (S), Fulvia Flaversham (S), Erik Haaken (R), Eileen McCourt (R), Magnus McCourt (S), Charlotte Stratford (S), Cheyenne Wentworth (R), Ned Wolfcastle (S), unnamed students

3rd years:
CLASS ONE: Austin Acker (G), Adiran Balfour (H), Patty Chalmers (H), Davidson Croft (H), Daphne Ellis (G), Emily Ellis (G), Louis Kegg (H), Mona van Houten (H), Gideon Weasley (G), Larkin Weasley (G), unnamed students
CLASS TWO: Harley Croft (S), Douglas Dippet (S), Akira Gunderson (S), Lisa McCallister (R), Kearney Powell (S), Noah Stratford (R), Selma Szyslak (S), Seth Weasley (R), Brianna Wentworth (R), Cynthia Yewbeam (R), unnamed students

4th years:
CLASS ONE: Frederick Benwick (H), Georgiana Elliot (G), Conrad Ellis (H), Blair Hazelton (G), Albert Nutcombe (H), Rand Prinsloo (G), Kaycee Sickleby (H), Hercules Sims (G), Oliver Towneley (G), Edwina Trainor (H), unnamed students
CLASS TWO: Abraham Albright (R), Libby Copperpot (S), Belinda McCourt (S), Maud Montgomery (R), Vincent Oliver (R), Reginald Price (S), Jaclyn Rex (R), Grace Valentine (R), Julia Vernon (S), Walter Wickham (S), unnamed students

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