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'Ello Mates! I be ta one 'nd only...

"Well tain't exactly true, I tis his'n br'uther Donal. "

"But, I be the elder of ya!"

"Mum say twas only of two minutes."

"True, but two minutes befer ye."


"AHEM, As I twas say'n...I be ta Elder. Ta Roaring Lion's Topsman."

"'nd Wot em I chopped chicken?"

"Tat can be arranged..."

"At ta point of me dagger bro!"

"Oh! Hell, WE be ta Topsmans of ta Roaring Lion's Topsman. "

"Tat's better!"

"'nd We be under the sway of Captain Eleua Lavvie. Aye, she be a wench, "

"Aye, A RIGHT FINE ONE AT TAT...but she be ta best Pirate on the Main. "

"BRO! She twould cut ya, gut ya 'nd have ya fer fish bait."

"NAW! She ...Ok, she T'would.

"Can I get back to tell'n wot happen to ta fine reader here?"

"W'ot reader?"

"TAT Reader t'ere!"

"As I twas say'n We had be'n tak'n by a Royalie off ta coast of St. Augustine. All set ta dance ta Devil's Jig when a giantous melee began"

'Aye, tat twas s'umth'n"



"SHUSH yer trap"

"Well tell ta story well ya?

"AHEM...We twas set to dance ta jig, when w'ots yer know an old acquaintance of ta Captain happen to be ta cause of the ruckus. Now, we be back on seas, sail'n wit two other ships Siren's Ressurection and Jaguar's Spirit "

"Aye, 'nd w'ot yer know they too tis Commanded by wenches"

"Not only command'd by 'em but FILLED wit 'em. Wonder if'n any of 'em need a Topsman? HUMMM?"

"LAVVIE twould have yer head on a platter!"

"AHHHH, but, in numbers I say and if'n they be any where as good at ta good Captain Lavvie, well tis coin as call'n to us 'nd mayhap we'll have a more t'en a few of 'em in our pocket."

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Thicker Than Blood - The Sisterhood and Their Brethren

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Thicker Than Blood - The Sisterhood and Their Brethren

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