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I am Sir Gawain the son of Morgause and King Lot of Orkney and am the good friend and nephew of King Arthur. My brothers are Sir's Agravain, Gaheris, and Gareth. I am also one of the best knights of the realm undefeated in battle and I have shown that I am the ideal knight, on whom other knights are measured. I am also known to be a fiery, brash or reckless knight fiercely loyal to my king and brothers as well as being somewhat of a ladies man.

In history Gawain is often mentioned in early Welsh literature as Gwalchmai - the Hawk of May - where he is shown with the extraordinary ability to grow stronger towards midday before waning in the afternoon. After his baptism as a child, Gawain was set adrift in a casket, being eventually rescued by a poor fisherman. In youth, he made his way to Rome where he obtained his education. Having been knighted by Pope Sulpicius, he returned to Britain and went to the court of King Arthur.

A handsome young man, he was well received at court and his name acquired the appendage of Gwalltafwyn or "hair like rain". Gawain underwent many adventures in King Arthur's name, on his horse called Gringalet.

Gawain is known to have had many lovers - at least 21 are named in literary sources - and is given different wives in various tales: Amurfina, the daughter of Sorcha or of the Carl of Carlisle. His most famous marriage, however, was to the loathly Lady Ragnell.

His many adventures and challenge with the Green knight are well known. Other adventures include defending Roestoc (possibly in Hertfordshire) against attack from Sir Segwarides; supporting the true Queen Guinevere against an imposter; being imprisoned in the Dolorous Tower; and at the Castle of Maidens (Edinburgh); defeating the knights exiled from the same castle; as well as Yvain the Bastard, King Bagdemagus and at least sixteen other knights; feuding with the House of Pellinore; and taking part in the Grail Quest.

He remained neutral over Queen Guinevere's affair with Lancelot, until his brothers were killed during her rescue from the stake. Gawain subsequently persuaded King Arthur to declare war on Lancelot and they pursued him across the Channel. Upon their return, King Arthur's armies immediately encountered the rebellious forces of Sir Mordred at Dover. Sir Gawain was killed in the fighting and was buried in the castle chapel, where his skull was kept for many years as a relic.

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