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Miss Clara Spalding

Clara is a youthful journalist from San Diego with an interest in the wild and untamed lands throughout the west. Bold but educated she has come to Deadwood by way of the San Diego Union Editorís curiosity about the gold rush and rowdy environment.

Mrs Clara Spalding Brown

Clara Spalding Brown is a historical person from the famous Tombstone Arizona. An objective reporter and journalist she recorded the happenings of Tombstone including everything from daily tasks to extreme events which appear in history books of today.

~My Aliases~

Andrea Hawthorn Sabrina Banner Kerry AlKnight Karissa AlKnight Alexandria Hawthorn Lady Luck
Amanda Hart Star Monique de Brabant Hatshepset Nebet Adrasteia Clara Spalding
Hatshepsut Adrasteia Hatshepsut WebMistress Seshat The Green Faery Hathor

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Zone : Westerns

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Wild West

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Correspondence, Dreams & Memories

My Salons:

The Bandit Queen's Hideout

My Friends:

Wyatt Earp
Louisa Earp
John Clum
Matt Edwards

My Favorite Reads:

Carpe Noctem
The New Kingdom - Out of Cookies
Turnskin - Out of Print
666 West End Avenue
The Midnight People

My Pandas:

Best Reportage via Dialogue of a Historical Character
June 2009
Most Discouraging Gossip
October 2008
2007 Western Pulp Novel Cover Contest
Oct 2007

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