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"Beyond the Stars"
and "The Cosmos Scheme"
the Horror Novel "City of the Undead"
and "Horizon's Edge"

Preston Christopher Kane was never one to take life too seriously. He managed to play the game, had ignored the military temptation his father had tried to push him toward; easy way of keeping away from trouble true, but easy was not his style, and trouble was the one thing Preston seemed to excel at. Instead he'd opted for a way of life he could be more in control of, but in truth ended up with not as much control as he'd planned. Running his own mining operation in the Northern Canadian Region had seemed like the right choice at the time. He determined the jobs, the hours, and the pay. Life was starting to look easy right? But ten years later he was broke and in more debt than he could ever get out of. He was prime material for a chance-of-a-lifetime deal that was about to make it all go away.

But he was no fool. He had a contingency plan if they even thought of voiding the deal. He just hoped it wouldn't come to that, but life had a way of foiling the best laid plans, didn't it? And once on the Grid, always on the Grid, he knew that better than anyone. Preston had little choice but to survive the only way he knew how, a tried and true means of survival. Smuggler for hire. But no matter what you found yourself in here, life south of the border, in what was considered the 'Free State' was not all that free, was it. But, what the Hell! As long as he still had sense enough to realize, and accept that fact, he'd be least that was his long-term plan. Stay alive and make a statement whenever possible.

Sci Fi Genre

My Novels:

Pan Historia Junction
Horizon's Edge
Zone : Science Fiction
City of the Undead - Out of Print
Beyond The Stars - Out of Print

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Lt Jade Edrie
John Clayton Drummond
Erich Michael Braeden
Allard Greybourne
Captain StarCastle
Raisa Derevko
Hollie Ween
Valjean Michel DAlembert
Elvina Herewood
Jeth Spedro
Number Six
Lukas Tane

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Survivor! Pan Historia

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Nice inner dialogue
Apr 14, 2017 01:33 pm
Great drama!
Jan 03, 2017 03:35 pm
Well written and interesting
Aug 30, 2016 01:00 pm
Great use of description. I love the slow-mo with the bullets.
Jul 31, 2016 05:26 pm

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