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Adena is the Reverend Mother of The Sisterhood of the Path of Light

This is the highest of honors among

The Sisterhood of the Path of Light

This started as a group of woman that banded together to stay safe, Over 300 years they have become a large, strong force for good.

The sisters are trained in mental skills, logic, philosophy as well as combat tactics and the use of most weapons and any item that comes to hand.

When they reach 25 which should be the end of their training they are sent out into the world to help protect the weak and needy.

Their way of life is rather stoic and spartan.

They own little and require little. The Reverend Mother has more things but they are items of office more that actual possessions.

The have a well rounded education learning history and many other subjects.

Some Sisters will specialize in an specific area of training..

As they progress in their training they move up the ranks.


Novice-- There are many who choose to try the Path

Sister-- Not all pass through to become a full member of the Sisterhood

Honorable Sister-- There are specializations and many Sisters choose just one Path

Reverend Sister-- At this level the Sister are more organization and administration

Honorable Mother-- These women have dedicated themselves to becoming Reverend Mothers and moving on to run their own Orders.

Reverend Mother-- Only one woman is a Reverend Mother she is the one all turn to for leadership and example.

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