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You can call me Church. Everyone else does. I got the name from some old friends I used to hang with, who gave it to me as a joke. Me Ma and Da were good Irish Catholics, and expected me to become a preacher just like he was before he quit the church after meeting Ma. I very nearly did, too, but in my last year of Seminary college I had an apostrophe and dropped out. Sort of... left the church completely. Hell, given what I'd seen and learned, God really wasn't the ultimate power. Men had taken most of his fabled abilities into their own hands and made him basically ineffectual and unneeded at this point. If God really was the master and creator, he'd have never allowed men to take control of the cycle of life the way they have.

So after I dropped out of seminary school my parents all but disowned me, so I took to wandering by myself. Visited pretty much everywhere in the Irish islands. Eventually somehow my travels landed me in Chile, which is where I met my friends who started up my nickname. Langers.

Anyway, I split up with them a couple years ago and moved to New York where I started fighting in a few underground fight clubs and pit arenas. Made a fair bit of cash at it, too. Though, that's not to say I haven't taken my fair share of beatings from guys almost as fast as me who knew better than to judge me by my size. In fact, I wound up in the hospital at least five times in the first year alone. Other than that I've been leading a pretty boring life thus far.

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Threshold - Out of Print
Short Cuts
Adventures of the New Teen Titans - Out of Print
The Church - Out of Print

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Ghost Nebula

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Egerton Hale
Alexia Starchaser

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