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"The breath of life enters into the right ear
and the breath of death enters into the left ear."

"Those who cannot laugh at history
are condemned to repeat it."

Inkompotep Neferbath, the idjit-savant physician with no physique from the bowels of lower Kemet, here to study your humors. AND NO, he is not really Martha Stewart, he only wrote his contest post to be in the contest.

About Me:

Moves from town to town followed by plague
and other septic features.
Has no loyalty to any, since no one has ever graced him
with such to begin with.
A since-lost fragment of the Ebers Papyrus
warns against this man.

Physician in an era before sepsis
was truly understood.

Physician of no fixed sanitary skills.
His intern/servant/sometimes-paramour Ankhbitmoref Inikanchew
sometimes travels with him.

Currently working (until the heat dies down) as a Home Improvement Guru, please see Blog.

The Crazy Egyptian Avatar Shop
was the source for my Avatar
Art Today
supplied my entryway image,
my profile background,
and was adapted for my character background.

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Zone : Other
A Book for Wyatt
Liaus Horatius

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Stinky Inkie's Home Improvement Tips

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The Bull Pen

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Awoserra Aqenenra Apepa
Wyatt Earp
Andrea Hawthorn
Captain StarCastle

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X-treme Pixels

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Love all the pun and the disrespect with which you approach the topic.
Jun 26, 2020 04:00 pm
Welcome Home!
Jun 26, 2020 11:49 am
Nov 24, 2016 03:31 pm

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