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Devin is the 27 year old owner of “Fun City Tattoo and Cappuccino Shop”. She’s been a tattoo artist for the past ten years, learning everything she knows from her then boyfriend Billy. Until the day Billy took her to meet Tommy, and everything changed. It so happened that Billy not only tattooed for a living, but compensated that lifestyle with another venture. Billy had been selling drugs on the side…mostly small stuff, dime bags of pot, coke, meth. But it also happened that Billy had begun to skim a little off the top. Just a bit of the drugs at first, nothing that anyone would have noticed. But he got greedy, and soon was skimming money too….enough that eventually Tommy had found out, and in this business, you didn’t screw with your supplier…in fact, NO one fucked with Tommy Dragonetti - EVER.

So when Billy talked Devin into taking a trip to see Tommy, and the man pulled out a gun, emptying three rounds into Billy’s chest and one more into his head for good measure, well, that changed everything…including Devin. She stood completely still. Not moving, not talking…completely not reacting. It was her own cold, calculating eyes that perhaps captivated Tommy at that moment. He turned to the then 22 year old girl and made her the offer that would change her future. “I have an immediate opening in my organization as I was forced to recently lay someone off." Tommy motioned toward the cold corpse that was Billy, waving his still smoking gun. The struggling artist accepted on the spot, selling small time dime bags and such…then moving her way up the ladder of Tommy’s organization to become one of his most trusted.

Now, running her own shop and befriending the cops she so despised, Devin works hard to maintain the lifestyle she has earned, and to keep all her secrets under wraps. She has also found friendship in a young junkie named Bayley, who she sees a little of herself in at times…at least when Bayley isn’t fucked up. Will she be able to keep her two lives from colliding?

I'm the owner of "Fun City Tattoo and Cappuccino"
Hey, it keeps the cops off my back ok?

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Short Cuts
A Short Jump Into Darkness - Out of Print

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Cutie's Lil' Scout Ship

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Bayley Aylesford
Alex Bretton

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