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Name: Tjaneferet sat Mentuhotep

Trade: Scribe/Culinary

Title: Overseer of Horn, Hoof, Feather, and Scale, ie, the King’s Steward.


Tjaneferet sat Mentuhotep’s family has been in Waset (Thebes) since it was a sleepy little town. She is the daughter of a man who has worked for so long in the Precinct of Montu at Ipet-Isut (Karnak) that he is called (servant of) Mentuhotep. Her mother is Raia. Mentuhotep has mostly retired and has left most of his duties to his sons, Khendjer and Kenamon. Kenamon’s name was chosen to curry favor with the powerful priests of the upstart god, Amun. Amun has a larger and more prestigious temple in Waset than Mentuhotep does but this does not bother Tjaneferet’s family, even though Waset grew from a little town to a more important town under the care of Mentuhotep’s priesthood…

First Family

Tjaneferet was the Great One of the Troupe of Musical Performers for the Temple of Maat in the Precinct of Montu at Ipet-Isut (Karnak), which was not as grand as the title sounded (the little temple to Maat should get more attention considering Maat represents the founding principle of our great nation), when she met her first husband, Netekamani of Massawa. He was a trader from Ta-Nehesy (Kush). Tjaneferet had always loved exotic things and the handsome trader soon became her husband. Netekamani’s sisters, Kasaqa, Takahatamani, and Amanishakhete, moved to Waset and joined Tjaneferet’s dance troupe. Tjaneferet was happy. Her sisters, Takhaet and Tanetiunet, also lived in Waset. Tanetiunet was a devotee of Bast.

Netekamani and Tjaneferet had several children: Their sons were Nikaure, Niankhkhnum, and Djedefre. Their daughters were Naunakhte and Ashayet. Nikaure is married to Ahhotep.

With the wealth from Netekamani’s trading contacts they set up a fruit and vegetable selling business in Waset. Then they sold trade items at the market in Abu (Elephantine). They bought an estate in Abu and grew dom palms, millet, sorghum, and other crops. Tjaneferet found records from the days of the pyramids of people attempting to domesticate gazelles. Tjaneferet loved gazelles and soon had her own herd of ghs (Dorcas) gazelles and even a few of the larger gsa (Soemmering’s) gazelles, even though Egyptians had long since given up on domesticating gazelles. She soon learned why Egyptians had given up on gazelles. Gazelles startled easily and jumped over her tall fences. But she did not give up easily.

Then tragedy struck. Her husband died.

Second Family

Tjaneferet was sad for a very long time. But the handsome young man in charge of her herds, Khay, was a great comfort. Khay was also a stoneworker and had first come to her attention as being very knowledgeable about the granites and beautiful stones of Abu. Soon he was more than a friend; He was her husband.

Khay and Tjaneferet have a little daughter, Kiya, and a son, Kanebti (curly-haired).

Khay’s older brothers are Thaneni and Pepy. Pepy (whose nickname is Phra from Phrahiunamif, a son of Rameses II) is married to Dedyet.

Tjaneferet continues to maintain a home in Waset, where she is near her natal family, and a home on her estates in Abu in the 1st nome of Kemet, Ta-Sety. She has expanded her domestication attempts to include cranes, oryx antelopes, ibex, and chickens. She is having the most success with chickens. She pays for her attempts at domestication by raising goats (for food - yum!) and large, horned African cattle. She raises bulti-fish, Sna-fish, and Dss-fish in artificial fish ponds. She raises Nile geese, hoopoes, doves and falcons. She also has a pet cat, Ta-miut, and a pet hoopoe.

Khay and his wife, Tjaneferet, have become the Overseer of Horn, Hoof, Feather, and Scale, the King’s Steward. Tjaneferet enjoys helping Khay find whatever exotic foodstuff or item the king desires.


Star Wars: The Saga

Tjaneferet sat Mentuhotep is a legislative research assistant for the senatorial contingent from her home planet of Thebeon 8. The locals call Thebeon 8 Maatooine but it is better known as the Core World of Thebeon 8.

Gerrard Sector and the Southern Core

The senator for the (non-canonical) Gerrard Sector, Pex Vilthar, comes from the better known and more populated world of Gerrard 5. Gerrard 5 is closer to Rimma Trade Route than Thebeon 8. Harazod is the capital of Gerrard 5. The Rimma Trade Route runs from Abregado-rae to the Minos Cluster and was charted by Sullustan merchants in 5500 BBY.

Thebeon 8, despite being a Core World, is in the unfashionable southern end of the Republic and, even worse, has negative coordinates relative to Coruscant. It is near the end of the Rimna Trade Route at the southwestern edge of known space. It is west of Abregado-rae and Iphigin in the southern Core. It is one of the last populated planets before coming to a stretch of less populated space that is outside of the Republic. Only the senatorial seat of Kitel Phard (which includes the Kitel Phard, Inysh and Questal systems) is further west. Nevertheless, the inhabitants of Thebeon 8 and their neighboring planets are proud to represent their part of the galaxy in the Galactic Senate on Coruscant.

The Southern Core is dominated by Fondor and Giju, which are in the Southern part of the Colonies. Fondor is an industrial world that is known for its extensive orbital shipyards. The Fondor Shipyards are associated with the Techno Union. Giju is the home of the Herglics. Giju joined the Republic after 12,720 BBY. Abregado-rae, which is near Thebeon 8, is ruled by humans. The native species is known for its adaptability and has lost most of their native culture.

The Delegation:

Senator - Pex Vilthar from Harazod on Gerrard 5. Botor Enclave delegation Daupherm Planet States delegation Gyosha delegation - including Tyria Ardellian Thebeon 8 delegation

Thebeon 8

Thebeon 8 is currently ruled by the Pera-aa, Nafirtiri. Nafirtiri's late husband, Khuenaton, was the previous ruler. He went looking for the Sith because he thought they were not just a myth. Some think Khuenaton died on that search. Others think he never found the Sith, because the Sith are a myth, and that Khuenaton was too embarrassed to return. Others think he found the Sith and the Sith killed him and in fact, that is what happened. He was killed by Palpatine.

Nafirtiri and the late Khuenaton have two daughters, Matati and Mekati. Matati is married to Nemkara. Khuenaton and his sister, Beketaton, were the children of Amenhotep and Tiyet. Beketaton sat Amenhotep is married to the attractive Ahmose. Tutankha, Khuenaton's young half-brother, is the son of Amenhotep and Kiyaya. Tutankha is the chief of staff of the Gerrard 5 Sector delegation on Coruscant. Tutankha is married to Nakhesen. Nakhesen is descended from an earlier female ruler named Hatshepsen. Hatshepsen and her first husband, Tutmer, had a daughter, Nefureh. Then Tutmer died and Hatshepsen married Thenenmut. Meanwhile, Hatshepsen's daughter, Nefureh, grew up and married Zahki, a brash young noble. Nefureh and Zahki were the parents of Nakhesen. Tutankha and Nakhesen have two young daughters, Nebeh and Set-nepa.


Tjaneferet sat Mentuhotep is the daughter of Mentuhotep. Mentuhotep, like Amenhotep, the father of Khuenaton, is a descendant of Zekhen of Nekhen. Zekhen of Nekhen united the two supercontinents of Thebeon 8 and founded the current government. The two supercontinents are Abedju in the north and Nekhen in the south. Nagada is the capital of Abedju. The capital of Nekhen is Waseti. Malkata is a large island on the equator. Tjaneferet's noble blood helped her get her position as a legislative research assistant for the Gerrard 5 Sector delegation to Coruscant.

Farmers' Market and Fish Pond

In addition, Tjaneferet is eager to participate in the famous Farmers' Market and Fish Pond in the upper reaches of Coruscant's cityscape. Only the richest and finest of its citizens can afford the fresh food grown in climate controlled silos in the upper reaches of the City. The Farmers' Market and Fish Pond was established soon after the Coruscanti were freed from Rakatan slavery over 25,200 years ago. It thus predates the Republic by about 200 years. Coruscant was heavily polluted and largely paved over by then. Sleeper ships were going out into the cosmos to found colonies, such as Alsakan, Metellos, and Axum. The Farmers' Market has enjoyed senatorial support (and funds) for most of the history of the Republic. These funds have allowed the Farmers' Market to stay on or near the top of Coruscant's cityscape. The current structure has a large Farmers' Market on the top level that is open to but protected from the atmosphere by a clear shield. Underneath the Farmers' Market there is an even larger fish pond and aerial hunting area where beings can kill their own aerial and marine creatures. A discrete, sophisticated system of droids and lasers keeps track of the amount of food consumed and bills the customer accordingly. Hydroponic farms at various levels throughout Coruscant keep the Market stocked with fresh food. The Farmers' Market and Fish Pond has an official liasion with the Senate. This liaison often comes from the agricultural powerhouse and Core-world of Salliche but the current liaison comes from Naboo. As an assistant to a junior member from an insignificant senatorial district, Tjaneferet is not the official liasion with the Farmers' Market. She will, however, help staff the Thebeon 8 booth at the Farmers' Market.

At Tjaneferet's stall she will sell juicy tabaka fruits, which are an apple-like fruit, date-like sawiu fruit, sapusten fruits, which are cooked like vegetables, and bright, yellow laouaba fruit. She is especially partial to the nabak berries from Thebeon 8 which are so good you forget everything else around you while you are eating them. She also sells shespet, a cool, wet (cucumber-like) vegetable, and other fruits and vegetables from home. The roots of plants are also popular. There are tjufa nuts, which are an aquatic root, and kalotos roots. Kalotos roots are eaten fried, grilled, roasted, or boiled and the seeds are used in sweets.

Foods include a variety of breads. There are both flatbreads and raised breads. Some are made from red haq grain and can be round, conical, pyramid-shaped, star-shaped, etc. Nabak berries can be added to breads or pressed into cakes as can kalotos seeds. These flavorings can also be added to algae-bread, which has been adapted from Herglic cuisine. Ice creams include nabak, kalotos seed, tabaka, sawiu, laouaba, and tjufa nut. Yogurt flavors include shespet, sapusten, nabak, tabaka, sawiu, laouaba, and tjufa nut. A popular drink is shedeha, which is a warm, spiced drink made from fermented fruits. Nabak nectar and Nabak wine are also very popular.

Other foods come from outside Thebeon 8. The Southern Core is (non-canonically) dominated by the cuisines of the Tapani Sector and the Herglics (a massive, terrestrial race descended from an aquatic species with a blowhole). So Tjaneferet also sells verdian vine beans, etc. at her stall. She also sells pan-Galactic foods that have been adopted by the people of Thebeon 8, such as denta beans, salthia beans, ojomian onions, and red nebula onions, and fruits such as zherries.

Influenced by the Tapani Sector, the people of Thebeon 8 eat a lot of Ukian Torbull meat, Neonan red cheese, Herglic algae ice cream, Mist pudding, Herglic Algae-bread. Algae sugar is a common seasoning. Other foods are pan-Galactic. Denta beans are popular in dishes, salads, and ice creams.

In Tjaneferet's food stall at the Farmers' Market, she has a holographic projection of the Thebeon 8 solar system. It starts with the sun, which the locals call Iunu and which the astronavigators of the galaxy call Thebeon. Then come the planets, Hutwaret, Minnefer, Per-Medjed, Hebenu, Menat Khufu, Tjebu, Khent-Min, and the 8th planet, Maatooine or Thebeon 8.

Life on Coruscant will surprise Tjaneferet. But one of the biggest surprises will be the beings that she meets. One in particular will stand out. She will meet Netekamani, a young legislative assistant to the senator of Nubia.

Netekamani of Nubia

Nubia is a core world that was settled in 22,000 BBY. Nubia exports starship parts, food, and ores such as bronzium. Nubia is full of farms, isolated, mountainous bronzium mining towns, and large towns built in the deserts. The capital of the planet is Nuba City, which is on the western side of a mountain range and which has a large spaceport. Large corporations, such as Pharm Corp and Industrial Automatons have their headquarters on Nubia. Nubia StarDrives build Nubian cloudbuses and other ships. TradeCo ships transport Nubian grain throughout the galaxy. Nubians are known as beings who work hard and play hard. About 92% of the population is human.

Netekamani led a checkered life before he became a legislative assistant. He was born in the small Bronzium mining town of Melukkha. He became a semi-professional grav ball player before being sidelined by an injury. Grav ball uses repulsor batons, hoverboots, and indoor courts and is a fast-acting game. There are 128 pro teams. The sector championship is decided at the annual SecBowl. (Netekamani's favorite team is the Fighting Armadids. Armadids are force-using predators in the mountains of Nubia).

Then Netekamani became a ronto racer. He eventually raced at Tallera Downs, the most famous ronto racetrack on Nubia. Both grav ball and ronto racing were developed on Nubia. Racing at Tallera Downs was a dream come true but soon he was restless again. He left ronto racing and went into ronto breeding. He also became a part-time chef at the Dark Side of the Planet, a famous cantina in Nuba City. The cantina features offworld cuisine and Twi'lek dancers. Netekamani thought about opening up his own cantina.

But racing rontos and working at the Dark Side of the Planet brought him to the attention of the real powers behind Nubia. It is not widely known but Nubia is controlled by its largest corporation, Pharm Corp. And Pharm Corp is run by Prall the Hutt. Suddenly Netekamani's ronto breeding ranch, the Big Bronzium, began to fail. Netekamani sold the ranch and concentrated on being a chef at the cantina. But then he was unaccountably fired from the Dark Side of the Planet. His parents and family died in a mysterious accident. Only his younger sister, Amanishaka, survived.

Destitute, Netekamani ran into a former "friend" who offered him a legislative assistant position with the Nubian senator, Rostek Gallia. Netekamani eagerly accepted the job. Prall the Hutt is eager to have Netekamani assist Rostek Gallia because Gallia is not very popular with the citizens of Nubia. But the inhabitants of Nubia love the former ronto racer and chef and they are thrilled that he will help represent them on Coruscant. The Nubian senator, Gallia, feels threatened by Netekamani. Prall the Hutt has hinted that if the senator does not do as he is told he will be replaced by Netekamani. Gallia has used his position to amass a lot of wealth and he is bringing a troupe of 7 Nubian dancing girls from Nubia. Neither Prall the Hutt nor Gallia know that Netekamani has managed to get his sister, Amanishaka, on board as one of the dancers.

Netekamani knows that Pharm Corp is very powerful but does not know about Prall the Hutt or exactly how powerful PharmCorp is. Netekamani is grateful to have credits again and to be able to wear the fine satyns that he wore as a winning ronto racer. He is amazed that he, the son of a bronzium miner, is leaving Nubia for the glistening world of Coruscant.

Nubian information from:

Coruscant and the Core Worlds (Star Wars Role Playing Game), by Craig R. Carey et al, 2003.

The Fighting Armadids, Big Bronzium Ranch, and Melukkha are not canon. Melukkha is the name for Nubia in the Amarna Tablets.

I have become the nomarch of the 1st Nome of Upper Kemet (Egypt). See my per (house) for Ta Sety, the 1st Nome of Upper Egypt.

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