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-- "Wandering Around."

Official Vendor Phoenix Rising Parade 2012
Yupanqui Galleria Stand

A Stand from Far Far Away

Allillanchu? How are you?

In the Turtle Island Novel:

I am the sister of Honovi Yupanqui and accompany her on many travels. We are traders who have gone up the West Coast (before the Crash), and next we'll be going to Tahuatinsuyu. My husband is Huallpa Tupac "Micos" or "Monkey."

I play the quena, a flute with 5-6 holes, and the siku, which looks like a panpipe

I'm now in Star Wars and am busy creating my branch of the House of Yupanqui/Yupanqui Galleria

Tupananchiskama, tupananchikkama. Until next time.

Basic Quechua Lessons

Cultures of the Andes

Narratives of Early America

I am the daughter of Incan nobility that managed to keep some of their land. My father 's father was Jules Pakanke, a Lenape/French fur trader whose business eventually took him to Lima, where he met my noble grandmother, Chincha. Their eldest son became a cacique (chief) who was recognized as a hijosdalgo of Castile by the Viceroy of Peru, José de Armendáriz (viceroy 1724-1736).

My husband is criollo (Spaniard born in the New World) named Miguel, but I call him Mikos. My children are mestizo (Spanish/Indian). My daughter Chincha is my eldest.

My husband Miguel is the criollo son of the peninsular who brought Francisco Rodrigo Saavedra, Damiana 's husband, over. Both of us feel the need to prove ourselves to Rodrigo. We lived in Lima on the Rimac River until the Saavedras wanted us to come to New Orleans.

While I have adapted to Hispanic culture, I am secretly pleased that the Inca are still revolting. In 1742, Juan Santos Atalhualpa (d. 1755-6) began an uprising in the Andean jungle provinces of Tarma and Jauja. The Spanish won 't be able to go back into those areas until the 1780s. What a shame!

One of my husband 's brothers "went to clergy. " Regular clergy are Dominicans or Franciscans, and secular clergy are the parish priests.

(We will be part of the people who give supplies to the Continental Army and help bring Spain 's contribution to the rebels in 1776. We will be observers by August 1777.)

1761- July 17, 1776 Manuel de Amat y Juniet
July 17, 1776-July 17, 1782 Manuel de Guiror (In 1772-1776, he was viceroy of New Granada. In 1774 he was lieutenant general. New Granada included Bogotá, Quito, and Panama).

In 1762, Spain lost Havana to England, and in 1763, Spain gave up Florida to get Cuba back.

In 1763, St. Augustine is a garrison with less than 500 houses. Florida is in British hands during the war, but it goes back to Spain in 1783.

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Star Wars: The Saga
Narnia: Beyond the Wardrobe
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Early American Narratives

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A Shaldania Parade Gold Medal That I Hope You Take It In the Right Vein :-)
Jan 05, 2020 06:41 am

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