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Greetings. I am Beketaten sat Amenhotep:

aten bekt
amon hotep

The Aten Ship

June member of the month for Amarna

From Dez!



In the Amarna novel

I was born in 1350 BC., the year my father Amenhotep III died. In 1336, when Semenkhare begins a co-regency, I am 14. I live in the North Riverside Palace at Akhetaten. My friends are the Atenhotep sisters Takhaet and Tjaneferet, and Kitaneja's grandchildren, Ariadneja and Poulxeria.

In history and in the Amarna novel:

Beketaten/Baketaten, "Servant or Handmaiden of the Aten" was the "King's Daughter of his Body," but which king the title refers to is a matter of debate. She was probably the youngest daughter of Tiye and Amenhotep III, and therefore Akhenaten's youngest sister. Certaintly, she is portrayed with Tiye attending a sunshade temple built in honor of Tiye, and she is associated with Tiye in other pictures. If she is Tiye's daughter, she was born when her mother was in her mid to late 40s, and Beketaten would have been one of six children. Her brothers were Thutmose and Akhenaten, and her sisters Sitamun, Henut-Taneb, Isis/Iset, and Nebetiah (unless Beketaten was born Nebetiah and changed her name). Iset, Henut-Taneb, and Nebetiah are definately Amenhotep III's daughters.

If Tiye were her mother, her grandfather was Yuya, Chief Prophet of Min at Akhmim, and also Superintendent of his Cattle. This was probably after he was the King's Lieutenant of the Chariotry and Master of the Horse under Tuthmosis IV. Her grandmother was Tuya, Superintendent of the Harim of Min of Akhmim and also of Amun of Thebes. Tuya may have been a descendent of Queen Ahmose Nefertari. Beketaten's uncle on her mother's side was Anen, Second of the Four Prophets of Amun and Greatest of Seers in the temple of Re-Atum. On the paternal side, her grandparents were Tuthmosis IV and Queen Mutemwiya. The latter may have been the daughter of the Mitannian king, Artatama.

However, Beketaten could also be the daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. Still, she was never called the "King's Daughter born of the King's Great Wife, Nefernefruaten - Nefertiti," as Nefertiti's known daughters were.

Beketaten is shown with the youthful side lock and not as an adult. However, Nefertiti's sister Mutnodjmet wore one as an adolescent.

All traces of Beketaten disappear after Tiye's death.


Aldred, Cyril. (1988). Akhenaten: King of Egypt. New York: Thames & Hudson Inc.

"Beketaten: 'Handmaiden of the Aten'."

Clayton, Peter A. (1994). Chronicle of the Pharaohs: The Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers and Dynasties of Ancient Egypt. New York: Thames and Hudson.

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"Princess Beketaten."

"Tiy, Great Wife of Amunhotep III."

In the The New Kingdom Novel:

I am a noblewoman who is a khekeret nesu, or lady-in-waiting at Hatshepsut's court. As I am one of the few women who know most of the many heiroglyphs, some women at the court come to me to write their letters to family members. I am also the Supervisor of the Dancers of the King. I help out my friend Tjaneferet as she works in the small Temple of Maat and supervises the dancers there. My husband Ahmose (Child of the Palace of the Royal Harem like Hapuneseb) works with Chancellor Neshi and has traveled to Punt on trading missions.

We have six children, Nebt (23), Nakhti (20), Khasekhem (17), Neferukhayt (14), Khentkawes (11), and Nemti (8). While Nebt is married, her younger sister Neferukhayt collects papyri, and is more interested in reading than she is in finding a husband. We are also looking for a wife for Nakhti.

Part of my dance troupe, which I manage with difficulty, includes:
Ashait-has a good heart
Nebet-has a good heart
Hunero-has a bad back
Sadeh-is sick a lot
Merti-a beautiful woman who makes men's head turn and who is always sneeking off to be with Nebmakhet.
Neferukhayt-would rather read but plays the sistrum when needed.

Servants include:
Neferukhayt's servant is Ahset

In PiRamesses, I have a jewelry stand.

My other work
Kemet Alphabet Game
B is for Beketaten
C is for Cataract
F is for Faience
H is for Hatshepsut
J is for Jewelry
K is for Khufu and Khephren
L is for Lapis Lazuli
M is for Malkata
N is for Nefertiti
P is for Punt
S is for Sinuhe the Sailor
T is for Tiy
Z is for Zannanza

From McMentuhotep's:
After a Hard Day

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The Perfect Costume for a Shadow of a Year
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It so you! Very clever.
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It's Simply Perfect! It Made Me Laugh.
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Succinct, helpful and informative
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