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"I would rather be a beggar and single than a queen and married."

Biography Elizabeth I, born the 7th of September 1533, died 24th of March 1603 of King Henry VIII and his second Queen, Anne Boleyn, is even today viewed by many as being England's greatest monarch.

This journal will mainly focus on the events of Elizabeth Tudor's life as covered in Shekhar Kapur's 1998 films, 'Elizabeth' and its sequel, 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age' released in 2007. The PB for is Cate Blanchett, who played the lead role of Elizabeth I in both films. There is, according to Shekhar Kapur, a third movie that is planned.

Elizabeth is open for RP, but will be kept as close to film and / or historical canon as much as possible.

NOTICE: This journal conatains adult-themed content that can go up to any rating. Therefore it is not suitable for those who are not also adult. Age is a relative thing, however, if you are under the age of 18, this journal is not suitable for you.

The "Real Person Fiction" and Copyrighted Character Disclaimer: The "celebrity" whose journal you read is not the actual celebrity nor are they actually associated with any companies named therein. The author/maintainer of this journal is a participant in a creative writing project called Theatrical Muse where people portray actors, fictional characters, and other assorted people.

The journal is produced and written by a fan and is meant for entertainment purposes only. The thoughts contained in the journal are not those of the celebrity, nor are they meant to represent the actual thoughts, actions, lifestyle or image of the celebrity.

They are a fictional interpretation and not meant in any way to be an accurate depiction. They are absolutely false and based on a public image, and are not meant to reflect the person's private life or the actual practices and activities of any companies named.

No harm, misrepresentation, libel, malice or copyright infringement is intended. At no time is this meant to be construed as reality.

This is fiction. For the record, no, I do not believe that I was Elizabeth Tudor in a past life. Nor can I claim any distant relation to her. I just find this particular historical figure to be fascinating.

We believe that these journals are in no way libellous as there is no malicious intent, and no intent to misinform fellow roleplayers or anyone who may read the journal.

We also believe that this constitutes "fair use" under section 107 of the US Copyright Law. These journals are nonprofit and meant as a commentary on a public image and not meant to use that public image for any personal gain.

Once again, Theatrical Muse is a completely fictional universe. Any and all actions, ideas and opinions are associated only with this fictional universe.

Some of the historical references used in writing Elizabeth I


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