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e are Hathor...

…Queen and System Lord. We are Mother of the Gods, Mother of all Gods. We have bore the fruit of countless divine children who populate the stars as far as the Goa’uld can reach.

There was a time when all bowed before Us, none would oppose the greatness of Hathor. With our own empire We were worshiped by our devout followers, the name Hathor was on the lips and hearts of every being within our dominion. From Ta-Netjer We ruled divine, most powerful of all Queens, a goddess rivaled by no one.

Ra saw our glory and wished to partake of it, craving to utilize our most precious abilities to conjure the love of our subjects and create offspring. Because of this Ra Coaxed Us from our beloved Netjerians, offering to Us an alliance to rule the realm of the Tau’ri, a species which was proving to be a valuable asset. At tremendous loss We agreed and joined him as his Queen. Any euphoria in claiming the role of Queen to the Supreme System Lord was short lived, as Ra being the craven god he is required Us to relinquish our beloved kingdom. This was very displeasing to Us, and soon We felt a distain for Ra which could only be satisfied by overthrowing him and claming his sovereignty for our own. Ra realized this and banished Us into the known world of the Tau’ri where We birthed many loyal cults in our honor, ending up in the tropical land across the sea, building pyramids of a new design for our ships. We bid time slowly, recouping outside the reach of preoccupied fingers, however just before We were to make war against him one of his agents sealed Us in our sarcophagus.

But Hathor can not be undone, We are eternal, and now We are awake. Released, the Chappa'ai is calling Us, drawing to the gate where we can slide between stars, become stronger again, then reclaim that which has been taken from Us. We will find Ra, and he shall grovel at our feet, he will feel our wrath tenfold and no measure of offering, plea, nor bargain shall provide even a hint of mercy. For We are Hathor, Queen of the Gods, Mother of all Gods, and will become Supreme System Lord.

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