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Some shops to peruse:
Takhaet's Bakery
Dress Like an Egyptian: Takhaet's Costume Stall

Still Busy at McMentuhoteps

Parade 2010 participant

I participated in the parade
Happiness is egg-shaped

A is for
Hieroglyphic: a or other a
Hieratic: hieratic A or hieratic other A
Coptic: coptic A (upper and lower case, same letter)

B is for b hieratic b coptic b
(hieroglyph, hieratic, Coptic)

C is for k hieratic c coptic c
(hieroglyph, hieratic, Coptic)
D is for d hieratic d coptic d
(hieroglyph, hieratic, Coptic)
E is for a hieratic A
(hieroglyph, hieratic, Coptic)
F is for
Hieroglyph, hieratic, Coptic:

G is for g
(hieroglyph, hieratic, Coptic)
H is forh
I is for i
(hieroglyph, hieratic, Coptic)
J is for j
(hieroglyph, hieratic, Coptic)
K is for k
(hieroglyph, hieratic, Coptic)
Kh is forkh
(hieroglyph, hieratic, Coptic)
L is forl
(hieroglyph, hieratic, Coptic)



In Amarna:

I, Takhaet sat Atenhotep, was born in 1352 and am 13 years old in 1339 (BC). My sister Tjaneferet, was born in 1351 BC in Waset (Thebes). My family have been associated with the Temple of Mentu in Waset since the great Middle Kingdom. My father's birth name was Mentuhotep but he changed his name to Atenhotep when Akhenaten began to attack the Amun priesthood. In time, Akhenaten promoted my father to a court position in Akhetaten because he was from an old Theban family. My sister and I are the friends and companions of Beketaten (11), the daughter of Amenhotep III and Tiye. My father is Atenhotep, my mother is Raia, and my brother is Kenamon/Kenaten.

My husband may be Djedef-aten, "Enduring like the Aten." Our son can be Atenmesse (Takhat's son in the 19th dynasty was Amenmesse, and his son was Siptah). Takhat's brother was Simentiu, which can be transferred to Djedef-aten's brother since I have enough, thanks. Takhat's father was Ramesses II, who is a little too famous to borrow for Djedef's father. Perhaps Djedef's father is Siptah? His mother or our daughter can be Twosret.)

I got a gift from DesertDweller! Thank you!
Dez's House Hippo Farm
A rather small hippo that lives in your homes, in your closets, under your beds, under your dressers.They nest with bits of fluff, old socks and other small fluffy stuff. They come out only at night to forage for food. The Little hippo only eats crumbs, bits of crackers, chips, bread, but its fav is peanut butter. They even like to play in it just like mud. They only grow 6 inches in height.


In PiRamesses:

Em hotep! I am heret-tep a'a, female nomarch, of the Fifth Nome of Upper Egypt, and I welcome you to visit and pick up a badge:
Time Flies at the Fifth Nome

Or visit these nomes and restaurants:

All I got was this badge mcmentuhotep's

As a baker, retehtet, I also have a bakery and a papyrus stand. I will work on a textiles shop.

I bought bread

Pick a male Egyptian name
Pick a female Egyptian name

Visit my Per Ankh

In the New Kingdom, my husband Neferhotep of Abydos ("Nefer" or "Kyky" "Monkey") used to be the Overseer of the Bakery just south of the palace, but because business is booming, I used to help out a great deal. My husband's assistant is Mery, and Pepi is another baker. Nefer's ailing father was a nomarch and Overseer of the Granaries of Upper and Lower Egypt, but he has had to give up his posts due to ill health and has given them to Nefer's older brother. Now Nefer represents his family at court.

I also help my sister Tjaneferet in her position as overseer of the musicians at the Temple of Maat, as she is short of staff. She is continuing the work of our father Mentuhotep, and our brothers Khendjer and Kenamon.

I have another sister, Tanetiunet. My sisters-in-law include Amanishakhete, Kasaqa, and Takahatamani.

My sons are Samut and Bakennefi "Baken." My son Samut's wife is Kiya, my grandson is Rudiju, and my new granddaughter is Aneksi.

I ate at McMentuhotep's

At PiRamesses I have a shop called McMentuhotep's, and my staff include Merytamon, Tia, and Hentmire.
The McMentuhotep thread:
Opening the McMentuhotep's at Gebtu
Eating in Gebtu



kmt with santa hat


Explore Kemet

Kemet Nile2

New Kingdom

Visit beautiful Abydos.

Or visit my scribal shop, which includes the meanings of many of our names.

Or shop at the Trader's Market.

People graphics from:

Picture by Tanetiunet, thank you!

My Novels:

Star Wars: The Saga
Amarna - Out of Print
StarGate SG-1 - Out of Print

My Reference:

Stargazer's Menhir

My Blog:

My Salons:

Paniverse Plottings

My Friends:

Tjaneferet sat Mentuhotep
Beketaten sat Amenhotep

My Favorites:

My Pandas:

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