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In the Hogwarts Novel:

When the story began... Drucilla Eternal worked at the Ministry of Magic, along side Arthur Weasley, in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Department. Hardly a fan of muggles, Drucilla was actually a Part-Veela, Death Eater who was placed at the Ministry to find useful information to send back to her Dark Lord. Her focus was Arthur Weasley, but finding him too hard to crack, she soon turned her attentions upon her next victim – Sirius Black. Drucilla was quick to put Sirius under her charms, and intertwined herself into his life, and that of his Godson, Harry Potter. Things hadn’t gone quite as smoothly as she had first anticipated, but staying patient, she vowed to be the one who presented her Dark Lord with his most anticipated gift – Harry Potter.

The story inbetween... In the name of her Dark Lord, Drucilla marries Sirius Black, August 22, 1998. A loveless marriage, nonetheless she soon finds herself pregnant (with a little help from Bellatrix's "special" wine)!

The unthinkable happens… A battle occurs. Drucilla does everything in her powers to defend her Dark Lord, but in the end Voldemort is defeated by Harry Potter. Fearing the repercussions, Drucilla cloaks herself in her marriage trying to hide from those who are seeking out to persecute the former DeathEaters.

Babies and bottles… May 13, 2000, Krasimira Lilyana (Mira) and James Remus are born. Not having much use for her son, Drucilla becomes completely amoured with her daughter (if it is real love or just brought about by her daughter's Veela charms is anyone’s guess). Fate plays a cruel trick on Drucilla the day her daughter is kidnapped by Bellatrix LeStrange, leaving her alone with Sirius and James.

A sacrifice must be made… Spending months in anguish trying to find her daughter, Drucilla finally tracks down the one spell that will help her find Mira. Unfortunately, the magic is more powerful than she can handle and she loses control of the spell. The dark magic has a lasting effect and obliterates her memory.

Confused and alone again… Drucilla found herself in a home with a husband who was oddly quiet and a son she couldn’t remember. Struggling to find herself and understand her husband, she soon realized there was another piece to the puzzle that was missing. Her daughter. Finding Mira, with help from Sirius, put joy back in her heart again, but soon she realized there was something else she was missing. Her husband’s love.

Moments of joy… Although still confused over her past, Drucilla reconciles with her husband and wins back his trust and love. She is still focused on finding out her past, even though the pieces she uncovers have left her with lingering doubts to the person she used to be. She can sense a darkness hidden in her unreachable memories, but is still determined to uncover them.

The story now… Dark times have struck Drucilla’s family again. A new monster has arose, with the potential of being more deadly than Voldemort. Purebloods rule the country and those who are not Pureblooded are fleeing. The lucky ones are hiding, while the others have been rounded up and locked away. Drucilla is still one of the lucky ones, but has grown impatient of sitting back. She wants to fight alongside Sirius. But the question is, will he let her?

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Carpe Noctem
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Creatures of Darkness
Kiss the Cook

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Sirius Padfoot Black
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Trapped in Pan - Out of Pan

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