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mischievous nymph who runs amok at Pan Historia, The Green Faery flits around encouraging community spirit with her magic wherever she can. Although imbibing potent alcohol isn't a requirement to spy her, she does expect all who come before her to have a measure of delight and bon vive if they mean to attract her attentions. By way of her enchantments La Fée Verte ensnares any unwitting wanderers susceptible to her charms.

La Fée Verte of Pan Historia has a great fondness for crafting bobbles, trinkets, and adornments. Occasionally she likes to create fun little items inspired by Pan Historia, and sometimes her creations are offered to the general membership. If you have any questions about these trinkets please feel free to leave The Green Faery a message and she'll get back to you as soon as possible!

The Green Faery isn�t the only enchanting emerald entity at Pan Historia, Absinthe haunts the luminescent glasses of both the gentile and adventurous alike.

Are you courageous enough to take a taste? Go ahead and help yourself to a nip from her Pontarlier, you�ll find Absinthe is as sweet and potent as the faery hallucinations she produces.

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The Pan Millionaire's Club
Red Carpet Society
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Awoserra Aqenenra Apepa

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Carpe Noctem
The Midnight People - Out of Print
The New Kingdom - Out of Cookies
Turnskin - Out of Print
666 West End Avenue
An Empire Divided: The Fall of Het-Uart - Out of Print

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