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In honor of the Sojourner rover, who landed on Mars on July 4, 1997 and turned 20 on July 4, 2017.

In honor of the 45th anniversary of the first manned moon landing on July 29, 1969:

July 20, 2014: In honor of the 45th anniversary of the first manned moon landing on July 20, 1969:

The Transit of Mercury November 8, 2006

Through the Pages

Sojourner Mars was very excited. That was not her real name, of course, but everyone called her that because of her love for astronomy and travel. She was a good reference librarian and a hard worker but she had some odd interests, such as science fiction, astronomy, and ancient history. But her first love was ancient history. She had grown up wanting to see one of Euripides' plays at the Theater of Dionysus in classical Athens. Euripides' Medea, which he produced at the Great Dionysia in 431 BC, or any play would do. The Bacchae was one of Sojourner's favorites but that one was produced posthumously.

Many years later she had heard a rumor of a library where such requests could be granted. You applied for a library card, opened a special book (and weren't all books special? Well, except for textbooks perhaps) and were transported to a distant destination. Being a good researcher, Sojourner had traced this rumored library to a village just outside London. Now she had taken unpaid leave to "do research" in England. Her friends in the library were envious. They said she always got to go on such interesting trips. They had no idea!

Babylon 6: A New Era In Babylon 6 I am the proprietor and head xenochef of the Cafe of the Universe

Sojourner's father is Philip (Phil) Wells, Professor of Stellar Cartography at the University of Mars - New San Diego and champion golfer on the senior circuit. Favorite saying, "Wow! Look at the ball fly!" Her mother is Shirley Robinson Wells, Professor of Martian History, University of Mars - New San Diego

Her older sister is Dejah Thoris Wells, Director of the New San Diego Maritime Museum and Park in New San Diego, Mars. Before Dejah Wells arrived, the park had fallen on bad times. The park consisted of a small museum, cafe, the three masted 1863 sailing ship the Star of India, and the 1970 replica of an 18th century Royal Navy frigate, the HMS Surprise (aka the HMS Rose). The Star of India and the HMS Surprise escaped the destruction of San Diego, Earth by having the good fortune of being away from their homeport during the terrorist attack. Both ships were at Gray's Harbor, Washington, American State when San Diego was attacked (c2150). The sailing ships remained there until after the Drakh plague (2267 - c2270) bankrupted Earth. The Martian Consortium bought both ships in the 2270s and brought them to New San Diego, Mars. Much later, Sojourner's sister again refurbished the sailing ships and purchased other replicas, such as the Hokulea 5, a replica of a Hawaiian voyaging canoe. She expanded the cafe into a restaurant which she named The Three Sisters in honor of Sojourner and Thuvia. The museum was greatly enhanced and a grand hotel added, the El Cortez y Cuautemoc. Hotel guests voyaged to their hotel rooms via canoe. The refurbished park is now doing very well. A replica of the Lady Washington, an 18th century vessel, and a Chinese junk will also be added soon. A large canal will be added by 2363 so that the Star of India can sail again on her 500th birthday. The maritime park will be 100 years old in the 2370s. Other fine hotels in New San Diego, besides the El Cortez y Cuautemoc, include the Agathadaemon Hilton (Agathadaemon was an old name for the Valles Marineris area on canal maps) and the Valles Marineris Novotel.

Her younger sister is Thuvia Wells, Director of Viking I Historical Park, Chryse Planitia, and the Pathfinder Historical Park, Ares Vallis, Chryse Planitia, part of the Martian Historical Park System.

Her brother is Marikh (Malaysian for "Mars") Wells, Head Researcher at the Carl Sagan Memorial Institute, Ares Vallis, Chryse Planitia, Mars. Marikh's wife is Kylena Wells. Kylena Wells was the director of the New San Diego Zoological Park in New San Diego. She now runs the Chryse Planitia Zoological Park. They have a daughter, Kipini Wells, named after Kipini Crater in Chryse Planitia. The travel a lot so they have bought a ship, the Icarus Undaunted.

Early Family Life: Philip and Shirley Wells always wanted to go into space. They named their children after astronomical themes. In 2282, when Sojourner was 2, they finally got their wish. The Wells family left Fairbanks, Alaska for New San Diego, Mars, where Philip and Shirley Wells accepted teaching positions at the local university. Thuvia and Marikh were born in New San Diego. New San Diego is at the east end of Valles Marineris.

Education: In time, Sojourner and her siblings attended the University of Mars - New San Diego. Sojourner graduated with a degree in Xenoarchaeology and Linguistics. After graduation, she worked at renovating the New San Diego Maritime Cafe into The Three Sisters Restaurant. It was there that she found her true calling: xenocuisine. She attended the finest xenocuisine school in Paris, European Union, Earth - the Ecole de Julina. The Ecole de Julina was founded by the great chef of the Centauri Royal Court, Iuripae Julina, in 2193.

After graduation, Sojourner started the Galactic Feast House in New San Diego, Mars. The xenocuisine restaurant was very successful but Sojourner dreamed of starting a xenocuisine restaurant beyond Earth's solar system - amongst the stars. She had grown up on tales of Babylon 5, but she feared that those days had passed. When news of Babylon 6 began to spread, Sojourner quickly applied to work there. She was ecstatic when she heard her application to open a restaurant in the Zocolo had been accepted. She left her family and her cat, Maura (aka Fro-cat) on Mars and opened up her restaurant, the Cafe of the Universe on Babylon 6 in 2324. Finally she was living amongst the stars.

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Why create a city called New San Diego? Think Babylon 5.

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