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June 2020

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This is my Lego self. Shirt by Wyatt. (Panhistoria Parade June 2020)


July 21, 2019

I dared enter Fangorn Forest for Halloween 2019!

Panhistoria 2017 included many contests:




This is for playing "Who Would You Be" for Founders' Month - May 2017

I got this for Dragon Haiku May 2017!


And in 2012... - I should make this smaller but it's so pretty!

A melilot rosette from the Fantasy Faire 2011

PanOlympics 2010

Hey, at least I got a T-Shirt!

Miss Melilot Brandybuck is a Hobbit of the Shire (actually of Buckland). She is a spritely dancer and lover of music. Her family has one of the best mushroom farms in the Shire.

Melilot is a distant relation of Meriadoc Brandybuck. His great-grandfather, Gorbadoc, and Meli's great-grandfather, Orgulas, were brothers. Frodo's mother, Primula Brandybuck, and Melilot's grandfather, Gorbulas, were first cousins.

Melilot's father is Marmadas Brandybuck. Her older siblings are Merimas, her brother, and Mentha, her sister. Meli is closer to her other two sisters, Amaranth (Mari) and Tansy Pennyroyal. Amaranth and Tansy Pennyroyal are talented siblings who play musical instruments. All Meli can do is dance. Together, the three Brandybuck sisters like to have quiet little adventures and have even been as far away as Bree.

Here is my name in the fine script of the Elves:

Thank you Mari!

In the The One Ring Novel:

I am Melilot Brandybuck, a Hobbit of Buckland

In the New Tales From Middle Earth

I am Melilot, a Fallohide hobbit from Staddle in Bree-land. I was born in Staddle in TA 1561. Now it is TA 1601. After much agonizing, I have decided to leave all that I know and join other adventurous hobbits in founding the Shire. Settling a new land has been very hard, especially for a timid soul like me, but it has been the adventure of a lifetime. I am joined in this adventure by my family, especially my sisters, Amaranth and Tansy.

Visit Shire of the Hobbits for more information on hobbits.

My Novels:

The One Ring
New Tales From Middle Earth
Early American Narratives
Zone : Fantasy
Zone : History
The Lion's Den

My Reference:

Book of Ages
Southern Cross

My Blog:

Melilot Brandybuck: Food - A Hobbit's Tale

My Salons:

Paniverse Plottings

My Friends:

Amaranth Brandybuck
Daisy Baggins Boffin

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