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Welcome to my home. I'm mostly interested in the Reference Library (and that sort of thing), and hope to re-create work put together on the history of the submarine for that locale, as well as restore The Islamic World to its former grandeur. My avatar expresses my Sufi (and gnostic) interests, though I am far from knowledgable. My other defining pursuit is Astronomy, both in the Reference Library and in Stargazers' Menhir. I also find the history of technology to be fascinating. Below is a representation of my interests -- old graphics from the days these were links, but they still do represent me.

Islamic World Ancient Euphrates

Industrial Revolution The Sciences

My avatar when I was in Pi Ramesses

I created this character shortly after 9/11 on the original PanHistoria, a character who would take a look at the world of the MidEast in a feeble attempt to understand what the hell had all gone wrong. He merges cultures, and attempts to transcend. This many years later, and I still freaking don't know.

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Stargazer's Menhir
Wild West
The Scriptorium
Infinite Worlds: The Realms of Speculative Fiction
The Symposia
Pan Web Design 101

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Aurelia Alexandrius of Troy
Siubhan Urquhart
UsermaatRa Ramesses
Sojourner Mars

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