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In Star Wars: The Saga:

Although Nix Ravenmoon appeared human -- or at least as close as made no difference -- she brought nothing so much to mind as a feral cat. She gave the impression of more height than she actually possessed, which was just about average, and she had a lean and angular build. Her face was a collection of planes and angles, nothing was soft or round about her. She had dark coppery hair that she wore in a spacers crop, and her eyes matched her hair almost exactly. Her skin was the gold of someone who spent their time out in the sun, even though most of the suns she had seen in her lifetime had not been seen from planet side.

She'd been born aboard a spacecraft and at some deep level that actually acknowledged her inherent mortality, she assumed that she would die on a spacecraft.

She'd worked her way around to the rim worlds where she signed on as third mate aboard the smuggler craft Crown of Fire, she decided that smuggling was less likely than piracy to get her killed. She did continue, however, to work both sides of that street, in hopes of making enough of a stake to buy her own ship. It took seven years of scrabbling, but her luck finally turned hot. She walked away from a card game with the Corellian Star, a spanking new YT. Where it will take her she never dreamed.

Be on the lookout for one Nix Ravenmoon, wanted for smuggling operations in the vicinity of Corellian Star System. She is a human, or near human, female with angular features and dark coppery hair. Her current whereabouts is unknown but it is suspected she now runs a legitimate operation. Her past affiliation included service on the known smuggler vessel "Crown of Fire". Reward for information leading to her arrest is set at 10,000 Imperial Credits. Should you come in contact with this criminal, inform the nearest stormtrooper. Any aid given to her will label the culprit as a criminal.
Signed, In the name of Emperor Palaptine,
Grand Moff Tarkin
Clipped from The Action Inquirer features October 2004

Orange represents energy and enthusiasm. It also
symbolizes strength and endurance. People with
orange lightsabers are curious about life, and
the world around them. Fascination catches them
at every turn, and they are creative enough to
understand life's potential.

In the The Relic Hunters Novel:


I am Phoenix Marian Ravenwood. I never had a chance. The family business has been archaeology since my great-grandfather picked up a trowel in 1899 and uncovered a temple of Ishtar. Don't even ask me about my've probably heard of them anyway, probably some sensational half-truth. They were always good for generating those.

My Dad, Henry, spent half of his academic life doing field work in the Med and the other half lecturing at the American University in Tel Aviv or at the University of Chicago. If you attended either place you know him. I'm more of a nomad. We all are to some extent. I've got a pocketful of degrees from a handful of universities. So what was my last job? A pro bono for UNESCO. I ask you.

The character of Nix Ravenmoon is an original concept. All posts are copyright by the author and are the intellectual property of this writer. The use of this character within the novel "Star Wars:The Saga" is for entertainment purposes only. This site is not affiliated with Lucasfilm or Paramount All associated materials are used under "Fair Use" provisions of copyright law.

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Nice mesh with canon
Jul 30, 2020 01:11 pm
Beautifully done
May 06, 2013 10:39 am
Hehehe, excellent conspiracy theory
Jan 15, 2013 05:46 am
Best Anticipation Sated
Oct 20, 2011 01:15 pm
A very good post! I enjoy your work a lot.
Jun 19, 2011 06:45 am

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