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In the Za Fenikkusu Hane Novel:

Her hair like a cloud, her face like a flower,
A gold hair-pin adorning her tresses.
Behind the warm lotus-flower curtain,
They took their pleasures in the spring night.
Regretting only the spring nights were too short;
Rising only when the sun was high;
He stopped attending court sessions
In the early morning.
Constantly she amused and feasted with him,
Accompanying him on his spring outings,
Spending all the nights with him.
Though many beauties were in the palace,
More than three thousand of them,
All his favors were centered upon her

This character is based on an Historical Person. In respect and Awe I offer this brief explanation of my inspiration.

Mistress to Emperor Xuanzong (r.71255), the daughter of Yang Xuanyan, a census official in Sichuan. Orphaned as a child, she was brought up in the household of her uncle, Yang Xuangui.

Famed for her beauty, she entered the imperial harem and became favourite concubine to the Emperor Xuanzong. She used her influence to secure royal positions and titles for her family, and promoted the rise of An Lushan, a young general who she legally adopted as her son.

While the besotted Emperor neglected his duties, An Lushan staged a rebellion and took the capital (755). Xuanzong was forced to flee south, taking Yang Guifei with him, but she was killed by his soldiers. Her story has been the subject of many Chinese poems and dramas.

A Gift from my dear friend Jen Wu

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