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(Li Ang) 0826AD-0840AD

An intelligent emperor, but since Event of Dew, a plan to get rid of the eunuches who controlled the government. failed, then he was put under house arrest and died in depression.

The Tang dynasty was a dynasty that was characterized by such strength and brilliance that it is unprecidented by any other. The civil service examination was so refined, that the test's basic form was used in the 20th century. The role of the the imperial and local government was amplified so that it centralized administration and enacted an elaborate code of administrative and penal laws. The Tang dynasty was vast, with its control ranging from Korea, southern Manchuria, and Northen Vietnam. In the west, the Tang influence was felt as far away as present-day Afghanistan.

The early Tang monarchs were good rulers overall. But, one emperor, Hsuan Tsung, fell in love with a woman and negelected his duties. This allowed the woman to place friends and family in government positions. One general that was placed in such a position, An Li-shan, had a quarrel with the woman's brother, causing a war to break out. Fighting went on for eight years, and was stopped due to alliances made with the Centeral Asian tribes. After this rebellion, the centeral government was never the same. The Tang could no longer control the generals along the border. These generals withheld tax money and eventually created kingdoms from the land they were to protect.

Her hair like a cloud, her face like a flower, A gold hair-pin adorning her tresses. Behind the warm lotus-flower curtain, They took their pleasures in the spring night. Regretting only the spring nights were too short; Rising only when the sun was high; He stopped attending court sessions In the early morning. Constantly she amused and feasted with him, Accompanying him on his spring outings, Spending all the nights with him. Though many beauties were in the palace, More than three thousand of them, All his favors were centered upon her

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