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Bohemund III of Antioch (11441201), also known as The Stammerer, was Prince of Antioch from 1163 to his death. He was a son of Constance of Antioch by her first husband Raymond of Poitiers.

Early life

Bohemund's father was killed at the Battle of Inab in 1149, and his mother ruled as regent until he was old enough to rule on his own. Constance, however, married a second time, to Raynald of Chatillon, who ruled as Prince of Antioch until being taken captive and imprisoned in Aleppo in 1160 (he remained there until 1176). Bohemund was by now of legal age to succeed, but Constance refused; King Baldwin III of Jerusalem intervened and declared Bohemund ruler of the principality. In 1163 Constance asked the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia for aid in order to maintain her rule; the citizens of Antioch then rioted and exiled her. She died later that year, allowing Bohemund to take full control.

Prince of Antioch

In 1164, Bohemund and Raymond III of Tripoli marched out to relieve Harim, under siege from Nur ad-Din, but when Nur ad-Din retreated Bohemund led a charge against him. The ensuing battle was a disaster and both Bohemund and Raymond were taken prisoner. King Amalric I of Jerusalem hastened back from his invasion of Egypt to take control of the regency of Antioch; Bohemund was freed, for a large ransom, in 1165 with the intervention of Amalric and Byzantine emperor Manuel I Comnenus, his nominal overlord; Manuel was also his brother-in-law, as he was married to Bohemund's sister Maria of Antioch. Nur ad-Din was always wary of Byzantine intervention in Syria, which may explain his quick release of Bohemund. Bohemund then visited Manuel in Constantinople, where he agreed to re-establish a Greek Patriarch in Antioch, Athanasius II. The Latin Patriarch, Aimery of Limoges, protested this and imposed an interdict on the city. He did not return until Athanasius died in 1170.

In 1172 Bohemund invaded Armenia, in response to Mleh of Armenia's alliance with Nur ad-Din. In 1177, along with Raymond III and Philip, Count of Flanders, who had arrived on pilgrimage, Bohemund besieged Harim, but they could not recapture it and the siege was abandoned.

In 1180 Bohemund and Raymond of Tripoli attempted to intervene in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, which was at the time ruled by their kinsman Baldwin IV, a leper. Because Baldwin could have no heirs, it was vital that his sister Sibylla be married to a suitable candidate for the kingship. After the death of her first husband, William of Montferrat, Baldwin had been trying to negotiate another foreign marriage for her. Raymond and Bohemund, both first cousins of Baldwin and Sibylla, brought their forces into the kingdom with the intention of marrying her to one of their supporters, Baldwin of Ibelin. The king pre-empted them by marrying her off to Guy of Lusignan.

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