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Welcome to my tomb...

It is our voice of temptation which flicks in whispers to your ears, coaxing you to succumb to your desires. What is life without pleasure, passion, indulgence? How can you be satisfied with servitude and slavery to higher morals which restrict your enjoyment of senses. There is no god or devil, no heaven or hell. Only what�s real before your eyes, what you can touch and taste. With out the trapping s of sin can you not satisfy yourself, your flesh and wants? What is the harm when deeds will be left unaccounted? Listen to my words, your temptations. All you need do is tell me what you crave and I will see you fulfilled. Why is it wrong to deny our cravings? Let go your righteous trappings, release and discover that your true soul suffocated in oppressive ethics longs to be free and is created from carnal needs.

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Carpe Noctem
The Children of God's Body - Out of Print

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Victor Ravana

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An Empire Divided: The Fall of Het-Uart - Out of Print
The Midnight People - Out of Print
The New Kingdom - Out of Cookies
Turnskin - Out of Print
666 West End Avenue

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Real Horror Show Award
Jan 03, 2012 03:08 pm
Most Sensual Vampire Award
Dec 20, 2011 02:03 pm

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