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Alanis Archer is a split personality. Or perhaps one of her is that aging hippie and the other one of her is her aunt, who shows up in the 1920's during Prohibition, natch, and plays at the revised 666 West End. And who is also religiously anti-conventional in her own way. But hey, there's she's younger!! Mid-50's and counting!

Alanis Archer is an aging hippie of 72 years (today) who never discovered yuppiehood. Or disco. Or a steady job.

Beginning to feel her age, she fights and kicks and screams her way into the realm of medical therapies, in The Healers. The Healers is now defunct, but she probably would continue doing that, anyway.

She's now dropped back into time, into That Seventies Novel, letting loose her hippie flag and even as Disco shows up to darken her day, she follows the Dead religiously. (Is there any other way to follow the Dead?)

Decor done in blacklight Iron Butterfly. Watch for the hanging beads.

Owner of the last stackable LP turntable.

To The Music Studio

Honour Student of
The Mystery School

Good music from the 60's includes the original Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Santana (he's even good today), Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Caravan, Sly and the Family Stone, Steppenwolf, the Dead, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, the Turtles. How else do you expect Alanis to subsist? Merely on tofu pups?

Some artwork by: Sowd

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666 West End Avenue
That Seventies Novel

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Erich Michael Braeden
Wyatt Earp

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