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They killed everyone. There was no one left that he cared about. But there was revenge. Nothing worse, no one less fearful, than a man who didn't care what happened to him any more.

Some people talked about justice. Matt didn't give a damn about justice any more. Justice would have kept the people that butchered his little sister safely away. Justice was for suckers.

It wasn't any particular sense of fairness or honor that kept Matt from shooting people in the back. It was that he knew he was faster than the other guy, and he wanted the bastard to see it coming. If the son-of-a-bitch ran instead of fighting, well, then he darn would shoot him in the back.

One way or another, he'd get 'em. All of 'em.

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Wild As The West Texas Wind - Out of Print

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Wild As The West Texas Wind - Out of Print

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