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Maeve is the younger of the two daughters of Torin and Muirne. Her parents are eager to rise in the Niall hierarchy and plan to use both their daughters to this end. Although still young, Maeve's parents have educated her to catch the eye of some wealthy and important lord. This is a lesson that she has taken to heart. Now she aims to claim the premier catch! Her sister has already had her opportunity to win the favor of great men... now it it time that Maeve display all that she has to offer a man of wealth and power!

Torin and Muirne married off Maeve's elder sister, Aoife, so that she could have access to Diarmait's court but her affair with the powerful lord lasted only a few brief months. During that time, her family made great gains but that was only enough to whet their appetites for more. When Aoife obtains the chance to regain her status, all her family gives her the support she needs... except for Maeve.

Certain that she can do far better than her sister, Maeve decides that she will win a place in Diarmait's bed. After all, Aoife has already had her chance and lost. Why not let Maeve prove herself?

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