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Phoenix Feather
  For the PanWriMo
Jan 2013

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Games Bronze Medal


No Job is Too Dirty

When the government wanted something done, they called Susan DeVries; soldier, assassin, bounty hunter, bounty killer, mercenary, and spy.

Susan has a photographic memory, and a quick mind that is hard to unbalance. Able to detach herself emotionally when required, she is cold, calculating, and someone who keeps a grudge forever. She never forgets or forgives a slight, regardless of what she may say publically.

Easily mistaken as just another pretty face at five-foot-five and with a slender build, Susan's unassuming, attractive appearance is something she has used to good effect in her covert duties. Sometimes getting information requires more than just technology, and Susan is comfortable with the requirements to use more...intimate...means of persuasion.

An expert in hand-to-hand as well as weapons combat, and given considerable training in espionage, Susan has prepared as well as one humanly can for her line of work. This has trade-offs, as she has had to leave more mundane things to others to handle, including piloting or mechanical repair work - unless it's for fixing her own weapons.

Susan DeVries - giving new meaning to the word Troubleshooter

Eos Development

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Plane of the Ecliptic
A Short Jump Into Darkness
Twilight 2000
Short Cuts

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Cutie's Lil' Scout Ship
The Glacis Plate

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Vampiress Belladonna
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A Short Jump Into Darkness
Twilight 2000
New Mytilini

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