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I go by Joanie Stubbs. Good as any other, I reckon. Folks call me Joanie. Right friendly, I think. Folks tend to get a bit friendly in a whore house. Something about the atmosphere. My whorehouse, anyway. Cy Tolliver owns the Bella Union, but I run it so I call it mine. I been with Cy Tolliver for," looks away, thinking, "too long, I reckon. He takes care of me, and I take care of him. Good business, I reckon. But, one of these days he's gonna go too far, and I will open my own house. One of these days."

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Call me whore if you want to. Don't matter to me. I've been called a lot worse. Thing is, names don't really matter much. What matters is what's inside. Truth is, some of my girls have more of a heart of gold and more compassion than some of those self-righteous biddies who sling those names at us and call us trash. I admit I done wrong at times. Tis true. Who hasn't, I figure.

Nobody in this world gets by without getting their fingers caught in a few pies or getting their hands a little dirty. Life is hard. You do what you gotta do to get by."

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Disclaimer: Although "Joanie Stubbs" is a copyrighted character in the HBO series, Deadwood, my characterization of her will be a takeoff on the original character and everything written about her and for her in the novel, Deadwood, is the property of her Pan writer.

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