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Buffy Summers learned she was the Chosen One, a vampire slayer, at the age of fifteen, while attending Hemery High School in Los Angeles, California. Under the tutelage of her watcher, Merrick, she began saving the world, one demon at a time. After Merrick died and her parents divorced, Buffy moved to Sunnydale, California. There she met her new watcher, Rupert Giles, and became fast friends with Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris.

Buffy's first major accomplishment in Sunnydale was to prevent an ancient and powerful vampire called the Master from opening the Hellmouth, a gateway located beneath the town that contained some of the darkest evil imaginable. During the course of the battle, Buffy drowned. Xander managed to revive her within a few minutes, but the next slayer, Kendra, was nonetheless called. With the help of her friends and a vampire with a soul named Angel, Buffy defeated the Master.

Buffy and Angel fell in love. Unfortunately, when they consummated their relationship, Angel lost his soul and reverted to his demon-self, Angelus. Along with fellow vampires Spike and Drusilla, Angelus wreaked havoc in Sunnydale. Angelus brought forth the demon Acathla, who would suck the world into hell by opening a portal and who could only be stopped if the one who awakened him, Angelus himself, died. Although Willow was able to restore Angel his soul, Buffy had to kill him to save the world. In the meantime, Drusilla killed Kendra, thus bringing forth Faith, the next young woman in the slayer line.

Buffy and Faith became enemies quickly, as Faith lined herself not with the Watcher's Council but with the demon mayor of Sunnydale, who intended on transforming himself into a giant all-devouring snake. Angel mysteriously reappeared in Sunnydale, after the Powers That Be pulled him from hell to carry out his mission in life: to help the helpless. Faith poisoned Angel. The only cure was to drink the blood of a slayer. Buffy tried to bring Faith to Angel but had to sacrifice herself to save his life. Faith, meanwhile, had fallen into a coma. Because of her ability to heal quickly, Buffy was able to defeat the mayor even after his ascension into the snake. Sunnydale High School was completely destroyed in the process. Angel decided he could no longer stay in Sunnydale and moved to Los Angeles.

Buffy started college at the University of Sunnydale. She met the next love of her life, Riley Finn, who happened to be the TA in her psychology class. Buffy later learned that Riley was part of an underground government agency called the Initiative, which was under the direction of her psychology instructor, Professor Maggie Walsh. The purpose of the initiative was to capture, tag, and study demons. Spike was among the captives and received an implant in his brain that prevented him from harming humans. Buffy eventually learned that Professor Walsh's pet project involved the creation of a super demon. This demon, Adam, killed Professor Walsh and caused great havoc for the very organization that had created it. Buffy was able to defeat Adam, with especial aid from Willow, whose skills as a witch were improving daily.

Buffy's world changed completely the next year, when a group of priests created a sister for her named Dawn out of mystical energy. This energy, known as the key, could open dimension after dimension, causing the world to collapse and evil to roam rampant. The key was highly sought after by Glory, a hell god. During Buffy's struggles in protecting Dawn and stopping Glory, her mother Joyce died quite unexpected. When Glory discovered the truth about Dawn, she kidnapped her and set about opening the portals to the other dimensions. Buffy sacrificed herself to save Dawn and the world, while Giles killed Glory via her human host, Ben.

Buffy's friends resurrected her a few months later, after fearing she had gone to a hell dimension like Angel had several years previously. In actuality, Buffy had been in a heaven-like dimension and regretted ever coming back to the world she'd left. She started a physical relationship with a person she hated, Spike, and put some distance between herself and everyone else. The bad guys she faced that year were actually three young men with big plans to rule the world. When Warren, the leader of the trio, killed Tara, Willow's girlfriend, Willow fell off the deep end and killed Warren. It took not Buffy but Xander to bring Willow back to the side of good.

Buffy started taking in potential slayers at Giles' request after the First Evil had started having them killed in order to wipe out the entire slayer line. Faith, having woken from her coma sometime earlier and having been in prison in LA, came to Sunnydale to help Buffy train and protect the potentials. The First Evil succeeded in opening the Hellmouth, releasing an ancient species of vampire nearly impossible to kill. Willow cast a spell to make every potential slayer an actual slayer. United, the slayers went into the Hellmouth to fight the battle of their lives. It took a sacrifice from Spike to fully eradicate the übervamps and to destroy the Hellmouth from within.

Since the destruction of the Hellmouth and Sunnydale, Buffy has been abroad. She currently operates out of a castle in Scotland and leads one of many squads of slayers united to fight evil and save the world.

Disclaimer: Buffy Summers is copyright Joss Whedon & Mutant Enemy. The images displayed are copyright Joss Whedon & Dark Horse Comics.

Background is courtesy of Eos Development.

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Very well written and interesting. I loved this post!
Jun 11, 2011 02:28 am
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